How they rigged the Hungarian referendum

How they rigged the Hungarian referendum over whether to open their borders to migrants from the EU is simple, and can be explained in just one sentence.

The election officials added the stay-at-home ‘don’t knows’ and ‘can’t be arsed’, without their permission, to the total of those who wanted to open the borders. They did it by a sleight-of-hand manouevre, in which they set a benchmark for turnout of 50 per cent. Then, probably realising the weight of voter inertia, they told everyone, through the media, that if they wanted open borders, not to vote.

And that’s how they did it.  All the ‘don’t knows’ – without even being asked – were added in to their total.

So even while a massive 98% of the vote was for controlling immigration, those with no political intelligence or engagement changed the fate of their nation!

We don’t know what proportion of the stay-at-homes were voters or don’t knows. It could have that been that 20 per cent of the abstainers wanted open borders, while 40 per cent didn’t know what they wanted, nor cared much either. We will never know those numbers, because they didn’t vote. That’s why this process has been so dishonest and undemocratic.

To add insult to injury, the 42 per cent turnout on Sunday’s referendum was the same as the turnout for the referendum which took Hungary into the EU – and nobody said anything then about it not being high enough!

So this is a disturbing new trend in European referenda, in which the politically incompetent and willingly disengaged are being unwittingly co-opted by the globalists into setting policy for their nations.

In my opinion, in a true democracy, those that can’t be bothered to vote, or for political reasons choose to stay away, should have no say in how their nation is run.

It’s those that take the trouble to walk down to the polling booth and put the cross in the box that should be deciding the political agenda of their countries.

In the latest British referendum to leave the European Union, only 36 per cent of 18-25 year-olds voted. If the vote of those 64 per cent lazy stay-at-homes had been added in,  it could have swung it for the Remain camp.

Now Hungary and the white Hungarians will be finished as an ethnic race unless they reject this rigged result. If they don’t fight back, there will be none of them left in 10 years time, apart from those who submit to the Islamic Caliphate.

[EDIT added 8 October 2016: And the GOOD NEWS is – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has won the argument that this 98 per cent majority vote will be taken as a mandate to defy the EU on its migrant quotas, and to write laws supporting it into the constitution. Happy days are here again! 😆]

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