Why it DOES matter who you vote into the White House, for the first time in 40-plus years

<rant alert!>

I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow minded hypocrites. I’m sick and tired of hearing that it doesn’t matter who you vote for in the American election, because the outcome will be the same.

The only people saying this are those who cannot be arsed to engage with what each candidate is actually saying. If they did, they’d know that it does matter who you vote for. For the first – and maybe the last – time in 40-plus years of bipartisan treason, there is going to be a choice.

I wouldn’t mind – but I’ve been talking about the Deep State government for years, and the puppets of right and left, and being called a conspiracy theorist for it. Now it seems that everyone and his mother has become a conspiracy theorist – but they’ve joined the dance just as the steps have changed.

You have to pay attention!

If you think either candidate becoming President will lead to the same outcome, and so you won’t bother voting, then you deserve to be disenfranchised of your vote forever. Because you’re just not paying attention. You’re just following an old dance.

Donald Trump is not the controlled opposition. They would love to be able to control him, and everything they’ve tried thus far has failed. The controlled opposition are those spouting, like parrots, the nihilistic claptrap being put out by the Clinton camp.

“There’s no point in voting because they’re all the same,” is the line being pushed now on the internet by the Hillary trolls, now that she stands no chance of winning. But they can fix the election in her favour; they can steal the election so long as Trump doesn’t win by a landslide, putting the exit polls wildly at odds with their artificially created result. Hence the nihilistic line being pushed, which is working a treat on those who’ve only ever known the bipartisan treason of the last 40 years.

For me, it doesn’t matter what you think of either candidate as people. It’s what they stand for that counts. It does matter which one you vote for, because which ever one wins will lead to widely differing outcomes, both in America and here in Britain.

If Hillary wins, it will lead to a post-democratic, one world government rule by corporations which will continue asset stripping the US, and Britain. On the other hand, Trump’s declared aims and policies will lead to Sovereignty, free trade and a strong and independent America again.

Why people don’t realise that, it seems to me, is because they will do anything rather than engage with what Trump is saying and actually read his policy positions. Have you read them? I have. I can tell you where he stands on most things. Yet the nihilists just keep saying “Yes, but what does he stand for?”. It’s all there in black-and-white, but you won’t see it reported on the lamestream media, and it won’t be spoonfed to you with your muesli.

I’ve heard people say that Trump’s speeches are just like Hitler’s speeches when they have never ever listened to a speech of his, much less to one of Hitler’s! The media just tells them what to think about Trump, and they willingly comply. This has become a war of memes and lies, and some are so mentally lazy that they’re finding it easier to just go along with the lies.

In any case, a nihilistic attitude is always so much cooler for the Babyboomers. I suppose they think that cool guys are much more likely to get laid – if they still have the energy to get it up!

Trump is bringing the American version of Brexit. It’s a vote for Sovereignty. Brexit brought out the greatest voting turnout this country has ever seen, because most people here knew what was at stake.

I’ve probably watched more American presidential speeches and debates than most in this country, I should think. I don’t agree with Trump on every single thing. But I cannot disagree with much of what he says, in terms of his recipe for revitalising the American economy again, while at the same time, putting the globalists with their one world government and undemocratic huge trading platforms out of business.

That’s what our vote for Brexit was all about. It’s about Sovereignty, self-autonomy as a nation, making our own laws and our own deals, not being part of a huge trading block which is on the way to one world government and the end of democracy. Trump will support us to get out of the EU. If Trump doesn’t get in, we won’t be able to hang on to our Brexit. We were just that one tiny stone which precedes the avalanche. But the Americans will have to give us the avalanche, or we’ll all be totally buggered.

That’s how I feel.


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