Alas Corbyn, Smith and Jones – just different breeds of treacherous snakes in the grass

So Jeremy Corbyn won. In my opinion, that’s slightly better than having Owen Smith as leader of Labour, but I still wouldn’t vote for that party. This at-a-glance You Gov survey of voters’ perceptions tallies with my reasons why.  Corbyn is completely out of touch – not just with my political views, but also with most old-style Labourites, who voted for Brexit.


Neither Corbyn nor Smith make Labour electable, to me. While Owen Smith is of the new-style, cultural Marxist breed favoured as useful idiots by George Soros and Saudi Arabia,  Corbyn is an old school, McCarthyite, reds-under-bed Trot. I think Joe McCarthy was right, and he was demonised by the usual suspects before the days of the internet, when we were suckers for that kind of mind conditioning. All the evidence shows that the Communists have infiltrated the Left and want to take down the countries of the West, and do George Soros’s work for him, from the inside.

Both Labour candidates, for instance, want open borders – the only difference being that Smith wanted them just within the EU, while Corbyn would throw open our country to the whole world. Their line is sold to us on the back of a kind of pseudo-spiritual communism – that welcoming in everybody is more spiritual than putting them through a vetting process and points system, with an eye on quotas. But it’s not a real spirituality. However, it does suck in those who don’t have actually have any real spiritual experience, but like to virtue signal that they have. If they did, they’d have developed the perception and the wisdom to see these treacherous snakes for who they are.

Both of them use sleight-of-hand rhetoric, designed to trick us. They both still insist on talking about letting in the refugees, while even the official EU Stats admits that more than 80 per cent of the hordes swarming across the Mediterranean are migrants coming from countries that have not experienced war.

The Left these days, in my experience, has been infiltrated by people who are full of hate and resentment at others’ successes and would like to bring them down, like Black Lives Matter, funded to the tune of millions by George Soros and the Ford Foundation. About six weeks ago, Owen Jones sent out a tweet asking for donations for him to pass on to some aspiring young chap who wanted to start a UK chapter of Black Lives Matter – as if he was asking for donations for a youth club!

A few weeks later, the members of the UK Black Lives Matter were occupying the airports.  Soon after that, they were provoking violence at Notting Hill Carnival. When will people wake up to the fact that smiling, boyish, face-of-an-angel Owen Jones is an enemy of this country?


Corbyn, Smith and Jones are good at exploiting the unreasonable hopes and fears of those who consider themselves victims and left at the bottom of the pile. Some are genuine victims, and so we should help those. Others are just useless liggers, losers and various other kinds of parasite, who would love to see our way of life destroyed out of envy, spite and jealousy, via opening our borders, bringing down wages and crashing our welfare system.

So much for protecting the poor!

No, they want you to think that they will protect the poor, because they need the poor to vote for them. Well guess what fellas, the poor woke up to that ruse – and voted for Brexit!

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All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

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