The battle of the demi-gods of the alternative media

It may have come to your notice that certain key demi-gods in the pantheon of the alternative media have fallen out badly, and – if the number of personal video blogs on You Tube is anything to go by –  it’s causing some disarray and despair among their followers.

With major players – like Ken O’Keefe, Max Igan and Zen Gardner – all attacking each other amid accusations flying like ‘shill’, ‘honeytrap’, ‘plant’, ‘subversive’ and ‘con-man’ – many in their audiences are feeling like the children of parents whose marriage is breaking down: abandoned, or that their cause is lost. This rupture in the unity of the ‘truth movement’ may seem to them a terrible calamity, a harbinger of doom, or even a judgement from God.

But this is far from the truth, in my eyes.

In fact, I see the collapse of this cyberworld demagoguery as a good thing, as it will rescue us from arrested development.

The actual cause of any such distress would only be down to the conditioning by a false cognitive template, in which success is measured by how quickly we can reach the Elysian fields of the sunny uplands. Or, particularly with women, our lives are judged to have been a triumph of virtue by how much, even in our octagenerian years, we manage to remain looking like Lulu or Dolly Parton – both of whom, it has to be said, and through the ministrations of modern technology, look much younger and prettier now that they ever did in their youths!


However, this is just a phantasmagorical reflection of inverted reality that is being flashed at us through the media Hall of Mirrors – both mainstream and alternative. The real measure of the success of a life in told in all the ancient myths, because our ancestors knew it. It’s measured in how well life regenerates itself – and the last stage before regeneration is unavoidably dissolution and destruction. It is the Wasteland.

To the shaman or wise woman, enlightenment is not about walking around wide-eyed with Botoxed, benign expressions on our faces, beaming at One with all we meet. We are not department store Buddha figurines.

True enlightenment is about the death of illusion – which arrives unavoidably in tandem with its Keith Richards-faced attendants of disillusionment, disappointment, degeneration and finally the dismemberment of all our nursery tale dreams about life.


Life is not like a Hollywood movie in which the hero and heroine ride off into a rosy glow sunset to live happy ever after. The Military-Industrial Cinema Multiplex has actually truncated the cycle of the mythological zodiac hero, in order to weaken the constitutions of our men.

If they hadn’t, we would learn what is supposed to happen next after he meets the love of his life at Virgo and Libra.

After spending some time in the arms of the Beloved,  he (or she) has to then carry on with their quest, and go to battle the serpent or dragon at Scorpio. It’s a battle which the hero loses; the dragon devours him, and his dismembered remains are then sent down through the Death Gate tunnel into the Underworld.

Two Followers of Cadmus devoured by a Dragon
Two Followers of Cadmus devoured by a Dragon. Artist: Cornelis van Haarlem Date made: 1588 Source: Contact: Copyright (C) The National Gallery, London


In the Underworld, he has to confront his demons, and if he succeeds in those battles, he is reborn again as a newborn babe on the Winter Solstice.

This is the story of how life regenerates itself and as man is part and parcel of life, why should the trajectory of his existence be any different?

And so there is probably a large constituency of people who are heartbroken that those they were following turned out to be human, and to have feet of clay. Those erstwhile leaders themselves are almost certainly now going through their own personal Death Gates of shame and humiliation, with a great wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Richie Allen Show, which is a typical reaction to the fall from the pedestal. And that this came to a head on an Autumn Equinox around a lunar eclipse is no coincidence.

However, now the individuals in their audiences will have some time to reflect on their disappointment and dis-illusionment, and hopefully to realise what a Divine boon it is. Finally, they will have the opportunity to become a real free thinker, and not just someone who traded in the talking heads of the mainstream media for those in the alternative world.

As Bob Dylan wrote in Subterreanean Homesick Blues,

Look out kid, you’re going to get hit
By losers, cheaters, six-time users,
Hanging round the theatres,
Girl by the whirlpool looking for a new fool,
Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters.

Our parking meters – our hearts – are inexorably ticking away the pre-ordained number of beats that we have been allotted for this incarnation in a human body on Earth. So I think we need to welcome all the lessons that life has to teach us – including pain, disappointment and disillusionment – so that we’re ready to become real heroes, and to courageously meet the dragon at the Death Gate to our own subterreanean challenges.

We can be heroes – for more than one day.

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