Why does the Left hate the poor?

Why do the Democrats never do anything to help the American poor, or create policies to support the coloured peoples? Why does the Left always stand in the way of policies that would level the playing field – for instance, the Charter Schools that Donald Trump would like to see more of, which would give far more of the poor – and blacks and Hispanics – a way out of the poverty trap? But no, the Democrats are standing in the way of Charter schools.

It’s the same in the UK. Why do Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith want to throw open Britain’s borders, as they both admit that they do, to bring in a huge pool of migrant labour, which will drive down the wages and put even more of the working poor out of the work?  David Miliband has just started his political comeback with the message that Britain should take in four times more ‘refugees’ than it currently is.

Why is Obama trying to do the same with the national borders in America, with Hillary promising to follow in his footsteps?

The reason is simple to see: It’s because the poor constitutes the constituency of the Left wing. Therefore, if the Left does anything to erode their constituency, to make it possible for people to move up, out of the poor working class, they will lose their electoral base, and this will mean that they won’t have enough votes to get into power.



Exactly, Nancy! You got it. And they’re pretty nasty towards anyone who sees through their hand-wringing ruses… er sorry, I mean, causes.

Mind you, I suspect that Nancy Mitford was a sort of ‘let them eat cake’ kind of a gal!

But the Left wing are not just ‘sad’. They can become absolutely hate-filled if you put up any kind of rational argument that might block their road to power – especially some of those new Social Justice Warriors – because getting into government is far more important to them than helping the poor. Helping the poor is the last thing that they want to do – even while telling us that we need to vote them in, so that they can help the poor, and we’re horrible nasty people if we don’t.

It’s through this pink smoke and mirrors kind of reasoning that many of the working poor have been bullied into accepting that the Democrats and the Labour Party represent their interests. But apart from a bit of cosmetic fluffing of cushions around the edges, from time to time, just to keep up appearances,  they don’t represent the interests of their electorate at all – and just want to keep them trapped in a cognitive cage. Far from wanting to reduce poverty, the Left’s aim is to swell the numbers of those trapped in it, so that they can continue being elected by them.

Socialism is just communism that you vote for

Take the Left-wing government in Venezuela, for instance. It has currently achieved the ultimate dream for a “socialist” (read “communist”) government. The economy has crashed, under their crazy policies, and now what was once a thriving and healthy middle class are all working for free, in work camps, alongside the poor. In fact, they are the ‘new poor’.


Look at Cuba – the people in this “socialist paradise” are as dirt poor now as they ever were before Castro and Che Guevara took over, around half a century ago now.

In fact, is there anywhere, in the whole history of the world, where socialism/Marxism/Communism has given the people a better life?

The bankers, meanwhile, don’t mind who gets into power  – Left or Right – because for them it’s a win-win situation.

All that huge Labour or Democrat government debt which has to be run up to support the benefits or welfare of the ever-swelling ranks of the poor has nice fat interest rates attached to it. The Rothschilds of this world don’t mind if governments want to ratchet up massive national debts with them because then they’re more able to control the politicians, to the highest level.

If a Right-wing government gets in, the bankers still win but in a different way. All those commercial enterprises that suddenly need funding in this more business-confident environment will require credit from their local bank – all charged at considerable rates of interest.

But the times they are a-changin’

So it was gratifying to see so many of the dyed-in-the-wool, Labour Party voters in the northern heartlands of Britain suddenly wake up to the Leftist Kool Aid, during the Brexit referendum. A huge majority of them went against Labour Party policy, and voted to Leave the EU. Labour canvassers were reporting back to the HQ that even in ‘safe Labour seats’, they were getting front doors slammed in their faces. And when a popular Labour MP was murdered in cold blood, in the streets,  and a Brexiter was blamed for it by the media, the people of her constituency still voted to Leave the EU.

These Labour voters know, because they have experienced it at firsthand, that they are unemployed because migrants have taken their jobs – and that opening the UK’s borders to uncontrolled immigration is one of the policies of Labour Party. You can call them ‘racists’ or ‘xenophobes’ or ‘haters’ all  you like: it’s like water off a duck’s back. The voters of Sunderland and Newcastle know that their children are unemployed, or are on zero hours contracts, because migrants are being brought in who will do the same jobs, but for lower wages. And this is all Labour Party policy – to swell the ranks of the working poor, who will vote for them, and especially the migrants who will be grateful to Labour for helping them to get into Britain.

I heard Owen Smith say, the other day, that we have to let in all the migrants because the employers want them to come. Of course they bloody do, Owen! But since when did a political party purporting to represent the interests of the working poor give a flying fuck about what the employers want?

Never mind – we’re on the turn.

In America, many of those forced into trying to survive in the lawless ghettos with high murder rates which were created by Democrat policies are also starting to wake up. It’s been a slow process. But in recent weeks, there has been a significant move from that demographic towards Donald Trump. (See Black voters turning from Clinton to Trump in new poll.) This is largely because they’re realising that practically every word that comes out Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a lie, and so there is no doubt that she will follow Democrat tradition and do nothing for the poor, once in office, despite saying she will.

I’m not trying to say that the Right wing are angels – there are  problems with both sides. But at least with the Right, when they’re staying within the law and not salting away their profits in tax-free offshore bank accounts, there are more opportunities for more people to rise out of the Left’s gutter. This is partly because trickle-down economics does work, and partly because it’s not in a Right wing government’s interest to have high unemployment figures, because that helps their opponents, the Left!

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