Who is really orchestrating all the terror outbreaks across Europe?

I’m going to get straight to it … the problem is not so much radical Islam, but radical globalism.

It’s the globalists who are the source of all the current terrorism going on in the Middle East and across Europe today. They are funding and organising it, through their own rogue agencies, to protect their tax-free lifestyles which keep them way above the rest of us, with all their ill-gotten gains salted away in bogus charitable foundations and offshore accounts.

You may think it’s not that simple – but the truth is only complicated when the smoke and mirrors prevent you from being able to see what it is. When the smoke and mirrors don’t work anymore, the truth is revealed in all its simplicity. The smoke and mirrors are currently being dismantled by emails that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is promising to release soon, showing what we knew all along really, if it hadn’t been so well hidden in plain sight.

[Edit added 15 Oct 16: Here it is – Wikileaks has released this email from Hillary confirming her support of ISIS/ISIL]


In the meantime, Jane’s Defence Weekly – not known for being a conspiracy mag – published details last year of Obama and Hillary’s arms shipments to ISIS, which you can read about here .

However apart from all the leaks: among the usual suspects, such as George Soros, there’s another name to conjure with, and it’s that of the chairman of Goldman Sachs and head of the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development.

Peter Sutherland

His name is Peter Sutherland and a few years ago, he was quizzed by an EU home affairs sub-committee in the House of Lords, which was investigating global migration.  Sutherland insisted that the EU should “do its best to undermine the homogeneity” of its member states and that “the prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.”

So in other words, forget ‘diversity’ … it’s time to wipe out the white man. And no, that’s not racist, silly!  It’s only racist when the white man criticises someone of another race. That’s how the racism and ‘hate speech’ card is being played, to gag us from complaining. We have to love our destroyers.

multi kulti

Sutherland went on to insist that the UK’s immigration policy had no basis in ‘international law’.  Well, that would be fine if we were under a one world government with one law for all – so I think Mr Sutherland must have got a bit ahead of himself, like Peter Mandleson, who tries to insist that ‘we’re living in a post-democratic age’.

The thing is, they’ve been planning this new world order for so long that, to them, it’s a done deal. And if anyone gets in the way of their fantasy Disneyland one world government, and they can’t buy them off with their Goldman Sacks of baksheesh, they will terrorise and kill them.

Soros plan
A leaked George Soros plan to flood Europe with Somalians

The founding of ISIS

It’s been no secret for some time that ISIS was founded by the radical globalists-backed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. So if Obama and Hillary created ISIS, they must also be responsible for all the ISIS terror cells across Europe – either directly or indirectly. Julian Assange confirms that he’s in possession of emails which prove that Hillary armed Islamic terrorists. After all, it’s very handy to have a proxy guerilla force of knife and axe-wielding, and gang-raping ‘depressed and misunderstood young men’ running amuck when you’re trying to create world chaos. That way, in no time at all, the people themselves will beg you to bring in your ready-made solution of a new world order and one world government.

The European Union, through which the radical globalists are operating their agenda in Europe, even has its own local army of migrant jihadis ready-to-go in the suburb of Molenbeek, the no-go zone which is just round the corner from their HQ in Brussels. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Radical Islam and radical globalism, in fact, have so much in common as belief systems, that it was only a matter of time before they linked up to try to conquer us. Both groups condone lying to advance their causes; they both encourage sex with children; they are both fascist and authoritarian in their beliefs to the point of being sociopathic or psychopathic, and none of them have any respect for human life of any kind, when it gets in the way of their agendas.

As former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said after the Iraq war: the deaths of more than half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying… for what? The chaos and political vacuum that that invasion created? Probably … that’s how these radical globalists think.

These extremists with a one world government agenda will take us up to World War 3 if they have to. In fact, Victoria Nuland and Angela Merkel – two of their attack dogs – already tried that with their invasion of Ukraine a couple of years ago.

Hillary Clinton with Victoria Nuland

Even now Nuland and Co are sabre-rattling madly with their tanks and troops pressed up against Russian borders.  I think that it’s only Vladimir Putin’s forebearance which has so far prevented WW3. This is not to say that the Western world would be better off it was run by Putin – just that he would run it better than them, which isn’t saying much!

The radical globalists also run the Pope – they run the paedophile rings, they run the drugs and they run the child trafficking ( all much easier, of course, across their preferred open borders), plus they run the leaders of our governments, whichever political party they claim to represent. This is why all the political parties on both sides of the Atlantic are currently in chaos – because they have been challenged by the only two fronts which are fighting against them: Brexit and Donald Trump.

Some of the Republican leadership are claiming that they’re going to vote for the other party’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, because she’s the only radical globalist candidate still in the race. All those who stood against Trump for the nomination on the Republican side were radical globalist-run candidates. They even have their own suicide bombers: Ted Cruz, for example, whose wife used to work for Goldman Sachs, said in his career-ending speech to the Republican Convention in July that people “should vote with the conscience” and not for Trump, in other words. He and his wife were booed out of the stadium.

The Hegelian dialectic

It’s not just utter chaos in the Republican party. Since Hillary stole the votes of Bernie Sanders, many of the Democrats who were Bernie supporters are switching their vote to Trump.

In other words, the two so-called political parties – Republican and Democrat – are just part of the Hegelian Dialectic – the right and left hand puppets of the same globalist puppet masters.  The people of Europe and America have suffered under this bipartisan treason for decades. Only Trump is not one of the globalists, which is why his message is against the “false song of globalism”.

While the agenda behind the last US election was mainly about bringing in Obamacare – Mitt Romney had an identical Romneycare plan ready to go – this one is about the big trading partnership platforms between countries such as TPP which will control 40 per cent of the world’s economy.

But the globalists are starting to get quite worried now – particularly in their candidate, Hillary, who is too ill and besmirched with too much crime, treachery and corruption. They must be getting quite desperate, and I wouldn’t put it past them to assassinate Hillary and then try to blame it on Trump. I don’t think there’s many people that would buy that, though.

A recent article from the Rothschild Economist urged its globalist-minded readers to “hold their noses and vote for Hillary” to staunch the “contagion” of  the Sovereign world view, which it said, was “xenophobic”, “closed world”, and “anti-trade”,  thus demonstrating, in just those three short memes, how this kind of mind programming works. But Sovereigns are not anti-trade – we’re just anti Mussolini-type fascism in which corporations have more power than our governments. We want to be free to trade with the whole world – and not just those countries within a boundaried protectionist area, and we don’t want our governments to be sued if they refuse to allow in certain products, say, from Monsanto.

Alex Jones of InfoWars – while sometimes being a bit too hyped-up – has been proved to be right on these issues so many times. In recent weeks, since the Republican Convention, he’s got on the inside of the Trump team. So he’s worth listening to – if only to get the inside baseball on what Trump is thinking and in this video, he goes into much more detail about the radical globalist terrorists.

 This is why I personally believe that Donald Trump is the only hope for not only America, but the whole of the western world. I hope Americans are getting this – and that they are listening to what he’s actually saying, not to what their lying tellies are telling them that he’s saying. If they don’t, and they vote Hillary into the White House, I fear they (and we!) we will reap a very bitter harvest.

I believe that our vote for the Sovereignty of Britain can only survive in a world which has a Sovereign America with a President like Trump at the helm, who’s not afraid to get tough with the radical globalist scum.

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