The barren-wombed, childless women who want to rule us

Please forgive the plain speaking  – but I can no longer keep it in. Too many innocent people are being raped or murdered in cold blood daily, now, right across Europe, and it is solely because of the agenda which is largely being operated by the sterile, barren-wombed women who are being forced upon us, as our leaders.

It is five minutes to midnight and so it’s time to call a spade a spade. And before the usual suspects start sending me the usual nasty tweets – please understand. This is not an attack on childless women, many of whom have my deepest sympathies if they had wanted to have children. It is an attack on a shadow world government that has shown that it will only put childless women in positions of power, because they are are the figureheads for an anti-human, Death Cult which our ancestors warned us about in their myths.

The truth is that childless women literally have no skin in the game and can also be open to corrupted ideas on governance, for reasons that I will explain further on – and so it is left to the mothers and grandmothers of Europe to stand up to their tyranny, if only in blog posts like this one.

This is why there was such a hue and cry from the Remainstream media when mother-of-three Andrea Leadsom foolishly got entrapped by a leading question from The Times on this matter, ending her chances of becoming the UK’s prime minister.  The tamed media only jump up and down yelling like that when someone gets near to the truth – and that was that the experience of being a mother gave her added value as a political leader. However, she had also, unwittingly, identified why she could never be prime minister of Britain, as far as the shadowy elite are concerned – and the barren Ice Queen, Theresa May, was quickly installed, within days, over not only the heads of voters but also without even going to the party members up and down the country, who should have had a say.

Of course, this all goes hand-in-glove with the attack on motherhood, and the family, which we’ve been experiencing for decades – and which comes mostly from the so-called ‘feminists’. It is they who also won’t allow us to admit that the experience of motherhood is so satisfying on every level that we are unlikely to seek power in other ways – not power which is to the detriment of others, anyway. This is in line with their crazy, deluded Dr Strangelove desire for what they call ‘transhumanism‘, with the state acting as the mother to a being that’s part human and part machine. (see Replanting the Wasteland of the Transhuman Agenda).

The childless Angela Merkel is a classic case in point. The most powerful of these dried up women, she is responsible for an appalling state of affairs in Europe that is causing such chaos, and bloodshed,  which will surely soon lead to a war right across the Schengen zone the scope of which even Hitler would never have even dreamed of, wanting only a few Rhineland states under his flag.


Here in the UK, we’re no better off with the infertile, childless Theresa May as prime minister, who had already shown in her role as Home Secretary where her sympathies lay – i.e. not with her own people. And there was a good chance that she was going to be faced across the despatch box by a new Labour leader in the form of the childless lesbian Angela Eagle, until Owen Smith scuppered her chances.

In Scotland, the childless Nicola Sturgeon leads the Scottish Nationalists, and her only challengers are the lesbian leader of the Scottish Tories, Ruth Davidson, and the lesbian leader of Scottish Labour, Kezia Dugdale.

Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, has just announced that she is about to marry her same-sex partner, Louise Riddell, who is a college lecturer and Labour activist.


What about the Greens, then? Surely such environmentalists would understand about the value of fertility to life? Well, no — the Green Party is being led by Natalie Bennett, who doesn’t have any children. Caroline Lucas, the previous incumbent, does have children – but she could hardly be applauded as a scion of family values in her turning the Green party into a vehicle for LGBT rights.

This is not to be critical of women who are gay, or choose not to have children. It is to be critical of an obvious agenda to have such a majority of childless women as political leaders – as if motherhood has no value.

Why does it matter?

You would only be tempted to ask that if you think it’s just mere concidence that we’re having infertile women, or women who don’t want children, foisted on us as leaders. If that’s you, don’t bother to read any further. I’m only interested in talking to those who are intelligent enough to join up the dots.

For those who are still with me …

The point is, if you are impotent when it comes to creating life, and all the other prerequisite psychological conditions are also present, you might also be tempted to seek out an alternative form of potency in another area of life, no matter the cost. You could be more likely to mistake tyrannical rule for potency and power, like Angela Merkel who encourages Germans and incoming migrants alike to call her Mother.  In a sense, it is a kind of potency, but it’s the kind that leads to genocide on a mass scale. It’s certainly not the kind of potency that’s conducive to fertility and reproduction and well, just simply, life.

But more importantly, the experience of giving birth is a spiritual initiation that turns the girl into a woman. It is during the throes of labour, if at no other time in her life, that she is put in touch with deep primordial feelings and ancestral connections that give her the inner wisdom and natural instincts to be a mother. One needs wisdom to lead nations – and shamanic rites, such as I describe in my book, Reclaiming Sovereignty: Shamanic Earth Magic, were designed for that purpose. But these childless women who lead us have had no such initiation, and thus no such wisdom was conferred, and therefore they have no spiritual legitimacy to lead nations.

Our ancestors knew about the excesses to which some of these impotent and poor in wisdom women were capable, and they used them as symbols of death, tyranny and destruction throughout their stories.

For instance, there’s the Ice Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, whose desire in the arid desert of her mind for the power of ultimate beauty meant that no other being could be allowed to live who  might rival it. I think she’s based, loosely, upon Arianrhod in the Welsh Mabinogion, who killed her own children rather than admit to not being the unsullied “virgin queen”. In other words, for those who can read metaphors, it is the virgin High Priestess stuck in the depths of Hades, which is represented by Sagittarius. Let me explain further – by using a clearer example:

In C S Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we find the cruel and autocratic White Witch whose spell had held the kingdom of Narnia snowbound for 100 years. She lived in fear of “the two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve” – in other words, human children – coming to Narnia and claiming their true right to Sovereignty, thus overturning her rule.

The reader is told that the purpose of her icy spell was to prevent Christmas from coming. That is just another way of saying that she wouldn’t allow the zodiacal Wheel of the Year to turn, and thus Narnia had to remain permanently in the frozen wastes of the death part of the cycle. Christmas, or Capricorn, was anathema to her reign because the dawn of the Winter Solstice brings the birth of the Radiant Child, who is the symbol of new life and resurrection.


White witch tilda
Tilda Swinton as the White Witch

There are many more of these barren witches and She-demons in ancient myths – and they all represent, metaphorically, the end of the Death Cycle at Sagittarius. These mythological characters are not evil, per se – they have their place on the Wheel. Death has to come before rebirth. But in order for the Wheel to move into the resurrection of new life, at Capricorn, they have to be overcome and toppled from power by those who claim the true right to Sovereignty – those who carry the fertility.

As I explain in my book Reclaiming Sovereignty: Shamanic Earth Magic, Sovereignty begins as an etheric transmisson from the spirits of the land before going into the hearts and minds of the ordinary people. That’s what happened in Britain on 23 June 2016.

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When the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the word on everyone’s lips was Sovereignty.

But what is Sovereignty?

There were some who tried to convince the British people that Sovereignty didn’t really exist, or that if it did, it was over-rated. A few self-styled experts claimed that Sovereignty could be extended or pooled; others insisted that Sovereignty was merely “the ability to get things done.”

All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

However, a few mystic types did know about Sovereignty, and so they weren’t at all surprised when its spirit rose up from the land on the Summer Solstice of 2016, and infused the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of Britain.

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