Turkey’s coup – how something very similar could happen in the UK

Something like Turkey’s coup – which was almost certainly a false flag to permit Erdogan to go for greater Islamicisation of the nation and consolidation of his authoritarian Presidential power- could happen here…

Imagine, if you will – in years to come, there is growing unease among the British people over how Sharia Law is gradually overtaking our own law, not least because it is in direct contradiction to our own separation of church and state, not to mention human rights. This is not an impossible scenario given that there are more than 150 Sharia courts already in the UK, and also our present PM’s favourable remarks about the benefits of Sharia Law to Britain.

So one summer, a small section of our military – the foot soldiers of which think they’re just doing a drill – take over Buckingham Palace while the Queen is holidaying at Balmoral. With all the MPs on recess, they also invade and occupy Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament – and the BBC. At the same time, they put up road blocks on the bridges spanning the Thames, and close down the major airports.

Next, the Queen or the PM is on FaceTime telling the people to take to the streets, to ‘save our democracy’, and some of us get text messages on our phones to the same effect. Most of us just sit in our hands, albeit remaining glued to Twitter, while the mosques – of which there’s an estimated 1,750 in the UK – respond by calling out and organising all their faithful to the cause. London currently has a Muslim mayor and in some parts of the city, more than half the people are Muslims.

So the Muslims then easily overcome what was only a faux coup anyway. Getty Images is conveniently there to photograph ‘the brave liberators’ beating the rebel soldiers with their belts and lying down in front of stationery tanksĀ  .. and the whole world applauds the wonderful Muslims for ‘saving Britain’s democracy’.

Meanwhile as soon as the PM returns to Downing Street, she brings in emergency powers. She fires all those in the military and the judiciary that are not supporting her creeping Islamicisation of Britain and increased Sharia law – which would only be fair, after all, because those nice, brave Muslims saved our ‘democracy’!

Further Reading

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One comment

  1. caigwyn

    I’ve been think about this one. I don’t disagree with the False Flag idea – just look at how many people have been rounded up, how many new powers have been taken. Erdogan seems to me to be in the Putin class of sociopaths – desperate not just to cling on to power but to grab and hold as much as he can. Such a shame in an historically secular country as Turkey. I think the islamists there (radical or otherwise) better take heed – it’ll be them next.

    Could it happen in the UK? Well anything can and often does. But I think not. At least not yet. Firstly the UK constitution has the government, through parliament fully established with the church – the monarch is head of both, bishops sit in the house of lords, as do the top judiciary and soldiers. So they’re all hiding in plain sight of the elected politicians. We also know they haven’t a clue what’s really going on anyway. Secondly I don’t think the British soldiery are that way inclined – or frankly strong enough – after years of cutting – the army (navy and air force) would struggle to take and control the Shetland Isles these days, let alone the Falklands or the entire united kingdom. Not so in Turkey, who are a front line state with Syria and Iraq and defend themselves as such, as Putin’s airforce know to their cost.

    That’s probably the strongest evidence to false flag: If the Turkish army really wanted to, they would have done the job properly. And made it stick.


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