Brexit: Extremely favourable three-year astrological forecast

This is a three-year astrological forecast for Britain and its place in Europe, from astrologer Carole Young, and it’s extremely favourable for Brexit.

In shamanic terms, it’s the story of a Death-Rebirth initiation, with the Greater Benefic Jupiter transiting for 12 months through the UK chart’s first house of Libra. This will bring balance and democracy, fairness and justice to the fore and freedom, change and expansion for UK. 

In 2019, the phoenix rises from the ashes in the UK chart as Solar Arc Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, connects with the Ascendant in Libra.

In the meantime, we must expect a few birth pains … read on for more…

by Carole Young

I have looked at the astrological charts for the UK and the EU.  To put it in a nutshell, the trends in the UK chart are showing freedom and positivity as Jupiter goes into Libra and over the UK charts Ascendant, a major angle in the chart. This is in October this year and very positive.

Jupiter also conjuncts Uranus, planet of change, freedom and independence in September and October this year, showing the breaking free energy of leaving. So you could say it’s all happening.

There’s a mix of aspects as you would expect-  but that works very well and shows the normal ups downs of life and especially in a situation such as this,  but there’s a harmonious aspect to the natal Jupiter of the UK chart which is very encouraging indeed for positive change and freedom.

Jupiter will then transit for 12 months through the UK chart’s first house of Libra, bringing balance and democracy, fairness and justice to the fore and through Jupiter, freedom, change and expansion for UK.

Some bumpy aspects are shown which is about right and to be expected.

The transit of Saturn in the chart in December 2016 and February 2017 show working for stability and good for foreign trade and that follows through from Saturn for all of 2017.

It looks like we will be setting down some good foundations, systems and structures for our exit and being realistic and working hard towards stability. We will be making it real and workable as a nation. Good sign, I like to see Saturn strong in a situation such as this.

Britain Leave

A powerful transformational aspect occurs in 2019 in the UK chart as Solar Arc Pluto connects with the Ascendant in Libra. The Phoenix rising from the Ashes after much work, change and a push for freedom.

In 2017, Solar Arc Mercury will conjunct the Moon in the UK’s chart and trine Neptune in the second house. This aspect again shows major change and is well aspected regarding finances. These aspects shows me that, spiritually, we are doing the right thing in leaving the EU, so we are swimming with the planetary tide and the spiritual flow. Destiny is calling.

Forecast for the EU

Not so in the EU’s chart, which is showing a lot of problems for the next four years and has had some difficult aspects astrologically for the last few years. The chart has some challenging planetary aspects to negotiate affecting finances, their general plans, relations with other countries and from the people as all these aspects opposes the Moon (the public) in the EU’s chart.

Moon tarot

Over expansion shows in the EU chart and that is opposed by the Moon (the people). The people feel not considered, they feel opposed. Solar Arc Jupiter in the EU’s chart has been revealing much truth to the people and also bringing financial hassles and difficulties shown in foreign affairs and the whole foundation of the EU.

In three year’s time Solar Arc Jupiter will aspect harshly the EU charts natal Saturn and that is a very difficult aspect and could indicate endings but certainly a ‘down’ energy time. I think by then many countries may have left the EU. The planets are not for the EU chart and so those wishing to remain, while having a perfect right to their choice, ARE in fact swimming against the planetary tide. They will make some headway periodically, but it will be hard going and not come to much according to the planets.

The EU chart shows it has brought its own problems upon itself by character weaknesses shown the the chart. Fundamental problems with the whole foundation and structure are shown.

Certainly Jupiter going over the UK’s charts Ascendant and then Solar Arc Pluto in 2019 is very telling of positive and fundamental change for us in the UK and a great sense of rejuvenation and re-birth.

The story is unfolding….


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