#London Has Fallen – ethnic cleansing by stealth

I can’t help finding parallels between the battle raging here, on this side of the Atlantic, and the one they’re having to face in America. That shouldn’t be such a surprise, though, because it is a double-headed attack from the same monster – which we’ll call here ‘globalism’ because we’re in polite company!

Yesterday’s vote for a new London Mayor, that brought in the Muslim, Sadiq Khan, was the result of a kind of ethnic cleansing by stealth, by the Marxist/Fabian left, which has been proceeding apace since at least the days of Tony Blair’s failed “multi-culturalism”. We also see the same social engineering in the United States, coming from the Demokrat left.

The announcement that Khan had won came late because of problems at the count – they said that they wouldn’t be able to declare until midnight. But even so, the papers were running the story of Khan’s victory hours before that, because the voter demographics made it a foregone conclusion.

In London, the number of ethnic whites has been slowly decreasing, over the decades, partly due to low birth rates, but also because of the housing prices which have rocketed, largely due to foreign billionaire oligarchs buying up property there. Add in the traditional voter apathy for which white Caucasians are famous, in contrast to the almost military precision with which the Islamic mosques get out their vote, and it was a foregone conclusion.

While the proportion of ethnic whites in London has been declining, not so the Muslims, who typically have 3-4 babies to the whites’ 1.5.  There are now about one million Muslims out of a total population of 8.63 million, but only 44 per cent of that total are ethnic whites with 19 per cent of that 44 per cent being children of school age.

So that leaves only about 25% of white Londoners who were eligible to vote – and I’m pretty sure that a good proportion of those couldn’t be arsed. There was also a problem at the polling station in Barnet, in north London, which was expecting a high turnout of voters for Khan’s main opposition, Zac Goldsmith. Many of the early morning voters were turned away because they weren’t on the right list.

In the end, Khan won  44 per cent of first preference votes compared to Goldsmith’s 35 per cent. Khan then picked up enough second preference votes to cross the 50 per cent threshold, with 57 per cent to Goldsmith’s 43 per cent overall. So not quite the ‘landslide victory’ the lying media told us it was.

Sadiq Khan is calling his electoral victory a “vote for unity over division, of hope over fear,” which appeals to the high number of gays and liberals, in London, who believe that the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism has no place in rational society, and who refuse to acknowledge that the most favoured pastime of the Muslim Brotherhood, who Khan has had some association with in the past, is to throw gays off rooftops.

The debate on Twitter has been raging for hours this morning, with the hashtag #LondonHasFallen. I had this exchange earlier with Julia Hartley-Brewer, who I think might be vying to become the thinking man’s Katie Hopkins.


That said, Sadiq Khan doesn’t seem to be a bad bloke, which is an expression he would probably use … that, and  ‘mate’. On his personal qualities and engagement on the ground, you could even argue that he deserved to win, although perhaps only because he was up against such a piss-poor candidate in Goldsmith. And who knows, he may even turn out to be like the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam who tells his fellow religionists to go ” … pack your bags and fuck off!” if they don’t like our Western values.

But this is not about Khan personally, and it’s not about his race – before somebody shouts ‘racism’. It’s this: many are appalled that the capital city of Britain has voted in a Muslim mayor at such a time when Islam is making it very clear that it wants to establish a Caliphate in northern Europe.

This is one of those occasions when I really hope that I’m wrong – and there will be no pleasure in being proved right. But I think Khan as mayor will be a disaster for London, not least because of the message it sends out to the world, that we are surrendering our capital city to Islam.

That’s how the optics will be read. It’s not about us and how we think.  It’s about how they think. We may think that we’re being all brave and liberal to choose hope over fear. But many Muslims in other countries, and even in our own, will just think that we’ve surrendered, and they will be celebrating that London has fallen to Islam with loud shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”.

Khan 2

It’s all about the optics!

The lame duck President of the United States knows all about optics.

When Obama visited London a few weeks ago, he addressed a town hall gathering there and these were the pictures that went round the world.

Obama propaganda

Not a white face among them – but surely, almost half the invited audience should have been white if it had been an accurate reflection of the population of  London?  Sadly no – with optics, no-one’s interested in accurate reflections; it’s all just a mirror game.

Obama also knows all about ethnic cleansing by stealth – because he’s been pulling off the same demographic trick in America for several years now. He has allowed the border with Mexico to be  flung wide open, to allow in illegal immigrants who he calls “the Dream Generation” – referencing Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream.”  These guys really know how to press the right cognitive buttons!

Obama’s Dreamers are allowed free passage with no questions asked, if they are children; which wouldn’t be so bad, except Obama’s definition of a child is anyone up to 40 years old.

So the Mexicans are swarming in, and the border guards are not allowed to arrest them, or even check that they are who they say they are. Instead, the guards are instructed to behave like social workers – to welcome those crossing the border into their new country and to get them safely on the bus and  transported to the nearest reception centre. The immigrants are then given full welfare support and helped to settle in their new homes, and they are even considered to be above the law.

(This, by the way, is why the Union of Border Guards is backing Trump to the hilt, because he promises an end to all that – and a new wall. It’s also why President Fox of Mexico has been attacking Trump – his country’s GDP relies on the remittances these new immigrants send home.)

It isn’t just Mexicans coming over the border – anyone can get through, and they do. Along with Mexican drug suppliers and people traffickers, there have been also Middle East jihadis. Meanwhile, many of the genuine children who have come through have been raped and trafficked; the same is happening with Europe’s open borders.

All this is going on at the ‘border’ of the United States, with illegal immigrants being treated like VIPs while ordinary white law-abiding Americans can’t even take a flight without having to be strip-searched at the airports, like common criminals.

Currently, George Soros’s NGOs are rushing to get the new Dream immigrants signed up to vote, even if they haven’t yet received their citizenship papers, which will be a rubber stamp job anyway. So in this way, the voting demographic is changed to favour mainly voters who want all that welfare has to offer, which means more votes for the Demokrats and Hillary in November.

In the UK, the Muslims are instructed by their mosques to support the Labour party, which has many Muslim MPs, and is pushing for open borders.

So although Khan himself may be oblivious to the wider agenda – this seems to me to be ethnic cleansing, by stealth, by the closet Marxists and Islam – and I hope everyone wakes up to it soon!