How to claim back our Sovereignty

Sovereignty, in the material realm, amounts to the empowerment that invigorates us when we’re living on the lands of our ancestors – eating the foods that grow where our ancestors were buried, and drinking the waters that flow through their burial grounds.

This grounds us and roots us; it makes us strong by connecting us to the wisdom found in our DNA. This is the real reason why the globalists move indigenous peoples off their lands. It’s not just for the mining or logging or fracking; these are merely profitable side benefits. It’s also why they’re attacking our DNA through genetic modification of foods, which will come flooding into European shops with the ratification of the secret trade treaty, TTIP.

In other words, there is a deliberate agenda to uproot us, by those who know that just as a tree can be easily swept over in a hurricane if it’s not strongly rooted, so can we, if equally weakened, be swept over and more easily harvested by the hurricanes of world events.


There are synchronous events coming up in the months ahead which are, I believe, a direct result of work done on the inner planes with regard to Sovereignty.

By that I mean that what we are seeing on the outer planes, geo-politically, is a fight over that challenge, because an opportunity has presented itself, a door has opened – and what happens this year will be crucial to how our lives will go forward.

In the upcoming months, there will be two major elections and their outcomes will decide whether the globalist New World Order will be able to continue unabated and unchallenged with its theft of our Sovereignty – or whether it will fall to its knees.

The hidden hands guiding events on the world stage know there is no choice for it – it’s win or lose, do or die – and that’s why it’s going all out this year to push forward. However, I think they are going too fast and so people are seeing the metal fist coming out of the velvet glove, and the faster they go, the more mistakes they make. This is creating something of a wake-up call and thus affords us a unique opportunity to push back.

Our first opportunity will be the UK EU referendum in June, the second will be the US Republican Convention in July and the third will be the US Presidential Election in November.

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In response, I’ve created  a new Facebook group, Reclaiming Sovereignty, to provide support and information for those engaging with those events. All are welcome to join us!