How Brexit’s self-appointed leaders have let us down badly with Obama

I’m finding it quite extraordinary how out of touch many of the Brexit leaders are – they are completely ignorant, it seems,  as to who Obama really is and about how America is practically on the verge of a real grassroots revolution solely because of his treachery and lies, which many in the US have now seen through.

Nigel Farage, for instance, is arguing with A N Other, and not Obama, when he tries to reason with him by claiming, “You wouldn’t sell out the Sovereignty of your own nation to others, so why do you expect us to?” when THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT Obama has done with his open border with Mexico.

Others are appealing to him in the name of democracy when Obama patently doesn’t give a flying fuck about democracy – with the Americans’ general election being stolen right out from under the noses, as we speak, and not a squeak out of the liar Obama.

Boris Johnson walked straight into the SJW trap when he accused Obama of not being a friend of Britain because of his Kenyan background. Of course, it wasn’t a racist remark – but try telling that to rabid, cultural Marxists and Black Lives Matter activists with one brain cell between them.  It was such a gift, they thought it must be Christmas. One group calling themselves Africans for Britain has now left Brexit, purely over this remark – they claim.

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Moslems white house


Please, leaders, try to see through these lies of the oily Obama – he is not who you think he is. Obama is no friend of America, and he is no friend of us.


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I’m always saying that the solution to any problem is always found in the seed of the problem itself. But first of all, you have to recognise the problem. Farage and Co are just not getting it that Obama’s a lame duck president at the end of his term with a very low approval rating who’s conning free lunches out of oil rich shiekhs, and batty old ladies in draughty palaces, because he has practically zero credibility at home.

[From the Spectator – Obama’s Brexit Over-Reach is Typical of His Arrogance]obama and queen.jpg

Far from caring about the Sovereignty of the USA, it is solely because of Obama that daily, tens of thousands of Mexicans are pouring over the border to the south. Instead of being arrested and sent back, they are being given privileged status, above the law and full welfare support. Obama calls them the “Dream generation” and refers to them as ‘children’ – and by children, he means anyone up to the age of 40. Currently, George Soros’s left-wing organisations are going out full pelt to get these illegal immigrants fully signed up to vote in the upcoming elections – knowing that they will vote automatically for “Demokrat” Hillary and Wall Street – and the continuing criminal globocracy and financial and economic terrorism.

To the north, the border with Canada has always been quite porous, and now with NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) being pushed through by Obama and Co, that border will soon be deemed irrelevant, through some form of ‘ever closer union’.

This has been the main appeal of Donald Trump – and why America is on the verge of revolution against their president and the whole corrupt and criminal crony apparatus he has put in place around the White House and Congress. Trump is the only one of the presidential candidates that has been promising to build a bigger wall on the Mexican border, and to make Mexico pay for it.

The Mexican president, meanwhile, is telling the American electorate not to vote for Trump, because Trump’s more tightly controlled immigration measures will mean far fewer remittances being sent to back to his country. These remittances amount to such a huge sum (US $58 billion a year) that Mexico’s GDP, and thus its economy, will nose-dive without them.

The president of China is likewise is telling the American electorate not to vote for Trump because Trump is promising to put an end to the Chinese scam of selling goods into America while buying none back.

So are we beginning to pick up a theme here? It used to be considered the height of bad manners for a foreign leader to tell the citizens of another country how to vote – but now all that is cast aside in their greed and lust for power, and more power. Obama is no exception – trying to bully and bribe us into line NOT to serve America’s interests, but to serve a more global agenda that will be underpinned by international ‘free trade’ treaties such as TTIP and TPA.

British media pundits that favour an exit from the EU are at pains to point out that this course of action has nothing to do with Trump and what he’s saying – but it has EVERYTHING TO DO with what Trump proclaims that he wants for the US of A  – which is why he’s sympathetic to Brexit.

Trump wants a return to Sovereignty by reinforcing national borders (check!) and tightening immigration controls (check!) and he wants to put an end to these Orwellian-titled ‘free trade’ treaties (check!) which are anything but free, in order to bring back jobs to America (check!). What do we disagree with there?

If Brexiters ever listened to what Trump actually says, rather than what the British media tells them that he says, they would know that that is Trump’s creed, and that is, or should be, the creed of Leave EU and Vote Leave and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and all those others who are purporting to lead us out of the EU while not really having much a clue about what the fuck is REALLY GOING ON!

I think Brexit will win the argument, in the final analysis, but we will win despite all of the above, and not through their leadership.