Why Generation X is being pitted against the Baby Boomers

Much of the rationale behind moving whole populations of people into countries which ill befit their cultures is because of what’s known as the Demographic Time-bomb. Since the Baby Boom – the huge balloon in the number of births in the West, which came directly after the Second World War – our birth rates have been steadily declining. Our young marrieds have so few children, compared to Muslims, that even if the Muslims were to move into the UK at the current rate of immigration, and just quietly live their lives alongside us, with no terrorist attacks, they would still be in the majority here within 50 years – and in a position to establish their Caliphate.

But before that, there’s a more immediate problem:  because of the growing decline in births, and thus workers, among the white Anglo Saxon races, the rulers are in a panic, casting around for scapegoats and stop-gap measures to hide one of their biggest scams of all – the raid on our pension funds.

Our rulers, as is their wont, took huge benefits from the post-war population explosion because it provided the deep state with lots of workers, all dutifully paying their taxes, and also paying into various insurance and pension schemes. Over time, the pension funds of the Baby Boomers became so huge and powerful that those who wielded them, mainly the big merchant banks, had enormous influence over the stock market, and thus over what happened in the world.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered so much if those market players had actually managed to make any money in this way – and if they had been honest enough to pass it on to those who had provided them with their capital in the first place. But – for one reason or another – that hasn’t happened. Whether it was just honest incompetence or a dishonestly-conceived heist, it doesn’t matter: there is a huge hole in those pension funds now.

Generation X and the Millennials

The problem is one that they are no longer able to solve in the usual way. They used to fund existing pensioners by the contributions of those currently working. Imagine how easy that was with the working Boomers all supporting much smaller numbers of those who had managed to survive the Second World War, which it was a privilege to do.

But with birth rates being much lower now, the number of those still paying contributions – known as Generation X and the Millennials – is much smaller and so there isn’t enough money to pay all those Boomers who are expecting the pension pots into which they had faithfully saved to pay out. On top of that, there are fewer jobs. Even so, our rulers are hoping that moving in cheap migrant labour will help to solve this mismatch, despite the massively high unemployment figures of often illiterate migrants – even in their own languages – in European countries.


So all this is why the current pensioners – the Boomers – are starting now to be portrayed in the state-controlled media as a strain on the ‘economy’ – despite our rulers being able to print as much money as they want and need, under the euphemism of quantitative easing.

Some journalists and politicians are even starting to refer to pension entitlements as “benefits”, to begin to introduce the idea in the minds of  Generation X and the Millennials that the elderly are no different in effect to “welfare scroungers”. I saw somethng on the front page of one of the tabloids yesterday, while I was queuing in the supermarket, about how today’s working people will never be able to retire, and one of the reasons given was because they will have to pay for the elderly’s pensions – as if it was some kind of charity!

They are also using the elderly as a battering ram to help in their failing campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

The Daily Telegraph ran a story today with this headline.

Stubborn old people who want to leave the EU are condemning the rest to a lifetime of uncertainty

The subhead reads as follows:

 In the EU referendum it’s older folk who will be playing fast and loose with the livelihoods of younger generations

But it isn’t old folk who are playing fast and loose with the livelihoods of younger generations: it is those who have gambled away the old folk’s savings on the stock market.

The Judgement

All of this is playing well into the minds of the generations that have already been prepared and made susceptible to perceiving the role of the Elders in society as just a dead weight. Those who have no wisdom cannot appreciate the value of those that do have wisdom, which is largely accrued over time. Perhaps you need at least six-score decades of mistakes to have enough lessons to learn from!

By the time most of us reach our Saturn Return (around 60), the results of our mistakes, which we thought we’d buried, are already rising from their graves as evidence for the court which is known in the Tarot as the Judgement.



I think one of these mistakes will turn out to be that we had been far too trusting in handing over too much power to the eugenicist deep state to mould the minds of our children, and now the deep state is testing that power to see if they can be driven against us.  We trusted them with our money and our kids – huge mistake!

The raid on the elderly in the UK will start innocuously enough, with the grabbing back of the winter fuel allowance, then it will be free prescriptions, and then the free bus pass. But if Generation X and the Millennials allow the thin end of that wedge to get in, the state will start to grab more and more of the hard-earned pensions of our old people, and it will not be satisfied until the whole populace is crying out for the enforced euthanasia of those who hold the memories and the wisdom which would normally help to prevent the encroachment, on our lives, of the eugenicist deep state.


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