It’s time to cut the strings of the puppeteers – the Council on Foreign Relations

If you learn only four new words today, learn these, because it will help to explain what might have been previously a mystery to you:

The Council on Foreign Relations – or CFR.

Once you understand who the CFR is, the whole of their finely woven web of cognitive dissonance begins to dissolve, and major geo-political events on the world stage that didn’t make sense before, suddenly do.

The CFR is a secret Bilderberg group which has an operational role in establishing the new world order of one world government.



All US presidential candidates, Democrat and Republican, are controlled by the CFR – apart from Donald Trump. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s all totally democratic. The CFR will give you any flavour of ice-cream you want – strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, tutti frutti – because they own them all! They even own the activists.

It’s like there is only one ice cream company, but it sends its products out in different-coloured ice cream vans all playing different tunes.

By mounting a war on the vanilla whites, they’re trying to force us to react to the chocolate agenda of Black Lives Matter (BLM). The BLM people are being given a similar false narrative about us;  the strawberry Muslims have been taught for more than a millennia to hate all other flavours with a vengeance. And while we’re fighting each other, we’re not fighting them, the new world order technocrats of the CFR. And that’s the way the CFR likes it.

The CFR owns the Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, and Kasich ice cream brands – even tutti frutti Rubio – but they don’t own the Trump brand, and he’s not even selling ice-cream. Most of us gave up sugar and dairy a while back! That’s why the CFR is panicking and trying to demonise Trump or to convince us he’s just a clown.

But as Steve Hilton writes in today’s Mail …

“Trump is a much more serious, interesting and historically important political figure than his detractors allow. Trump is challenging not just some of the basic tenets of Republican ideas, but those of the Democrats too. The truth is, we live in a world that is run by bankers, bureaucrats and accountants. For decades, they have pushed a technocratic agenda that has been implemented by politicians of both Left and Right…

“Until Trump, no mainstream US politician had spoken up for working people in these terms. No one had challenged the technocratic agenda of the bankers, the bureaucrats and the accountants. That’s why so many people support Trump; and why he is politically important.

“Of course, I understand that Trump’s rhetoric sometimes causes real offence. But he’s not a bigot or a racist or a madman: he’s just a political amateur who says the first thing that comes into his head. After years of slick, calculating, machine politicians, Trump’s rough and ready authenticity has real appeal.”


trump killing pc

“Traditionally, it has been Left-wing activists who decry the role of money in politics – although that hasn’t stopped Left-wing candidates such as Hillary Clinton from hoovering up corporate cash. But it’s refreshing – and significant – to see a Republican presidential candidate sound the alarm on America’s corrupt campaign financing system.

“From the start of his run for president, Trump has attacked the devastating real world impact of dodgy donations. Why are drug prices so high, costing the American taxpayer billions in subsidies? Because, as Trump points out, the pharmaceutical companies ‘take care of’ the politicians who set the rules.

“Why is there so much waste in defence procurement, with billions spent on equipment that military leaders don’t want and can’t use? Because the massive defence contractors, in Trump’s vivid phrase, are ‘bloodsuckers’ on government – along with the oil companies, the health insurance companies and other moneyed interests with an inside track.

“When Trump describes traditional, establishment politicians such as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as ‘puppets’ who are completely controlled by their donors, it strikes a chord – and, coming from a Republican, could just hasten the end of (or at least the moderation of) this corruption more than any number of worthy pamphlets from left-of-centre pressure groups…”

Because Trump is free from the CFR puppet masters’ control, he can promise to bring an end to the CFR programme which is to destroy the societal fabric of America and Europe by the Trojan Horse of weaponised debt addiction, and organised ‘humanitarian crises‘ to force open borders with uncontrolled waves of economic migrant cheap labour and refugees. This package of measures will crash the welfare systems and destroy the working middle classes, thus enabling the CFR to bring in crony communism – like the two-tier crony capitalism, but with a non-existent middle class and a much lower standard of living.

So this is why there is such a media outrage being trumped up against Trump. The CFR-controlled media is pulling out all the stops to bring this rogue elephant down, and they can only do it by fakery and theatre because the substance of his manifesto is clear and open and he speaks truth to power.

trump full blast

For instance, the violence at Trump’s Chicago rally on Friday night was perpetrated solely by the Sanders protestors outside, and not by Trump supporters inside. But it’s being spun as if it was an equal fight between opposing camps  – those of Trump and Sanders. Those outside, and trying to disrupt the freedom of speech inside, were organised (on social media) Sanders activists who were, as it later turned out, funded by CFR bag-man George Soros’s company, Move On.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio instantly rushed out with almost indecent haste that night – as if on cue and primed – to blame Trump for Soros and the CFR’s disruptive protests at his own peaceful rally. Since then, support for Cruz has been fast haemorrhaging; he lost 300,000 Twitter followers that night alone, with many loudly switching their vote to Trump. Rubio was already a lame duck but he crossed the Rubiocon (sorry!) that night. So the CFR is using him like they use their pet jihadis – for suicide missions. But what is becoming clear is that the more the media mischaracterises this event, and others like it, the more the people’s anger is growing and the more voters Trump gets. Here’s a typical Facebook post …


fb post

Kasich also blamed Trump for the violence in Chicago, and this is typical of the comments on his Facebook page.



So let’s not fall into their dichotomy of Right or Left. It’s all just a show, a soft shoe shuffle, a sleight-of-hand of the CFR puppeteers. Politically-speaking, there is just the CFR and there is the people, and there are many many more of us. And so I think it’s time to end this dance of the globalist technocrat marionettes; it’s time to cut the strings.

This has been a party political broadcast on behalf of Sovereignty, freedom of speech, democracy, fairness and the rule of law.


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