Why is Trump trumping the field? The Brits just don’t get it …

Anyone in Britain who’s surprised by what is turning out to be the inexorable rise of Donald Trump in the American Republican primaries is just not paying attention. They’re not awake to the shake-down of America by the present incumbents in the White House; to the worm of Obama which is spreading a deadly canker into the wellbeing of the nation state. Therefore they had no idea that an antidote was required – much less recognise one in Trump. They don’t realise that what they’re seeing is what happens when the people wake up to 40-odd years of bipartisan treason.


I recently wrote about how the duality of this dimension is divided into Yin and Yang, and that how it manifests in mankind is in the two races: the Creators (Makers) and the Takers (take-down merchants). Trump represents in America the much awaited and long overdue Creator male, fire-Yang-active correction to restore the balance of the present administration’s Taker female, water-Yin-passive.

But if you mention Trump’s name to the British, they just turn up their noses with scorn; they don’t realise that they’ve been taught to hold this view by a Taker mainstream media in which Trump is caricatured as all that is brash, thrusting, in-your-face, pure Americana – and thus totally uncool in a potential leader. This is a particularly British disease – a sort of inbred snobbishness which used to be found in butlers who considered themselves socially on a par with their lord or lady, despite being many rungs down the social ladder.

If you ask the Brits why they don’t like Trump, they find it difficult to actually pinpoint specifically why, apart from a sort of general distaste – this despite their own prime minister practising bestiality in his youth and a chancellor of the exchequer whose coke-taking and kinky sex is now well documented. All that’s OK with them – but Trump’s comb-over … ooooh deary me!

So this leads to a kind of extraordinary dissonance – the fabric of which is stretched so thin on the loom that it starts to tear because the centre cannot hold. For instance, while a motion was being voted upon, last year, in the House of Commons about whether Trump should be banned from Britain for daring to suggest that a temporary halt be put on Muslim immigration after most shootings in the US turned out to be jihadi-led, a Muslim Iman was freely touring our universities in Britain, and instructing our students on Islam, whose website extolled the virtues of paedophilia and child brides.

Trump may well turn out to be as bad as Obama, Hillary and all the rest – only time will tell. But this article is about the reason for his appeal, and for those of us who get our news on the internet, the answer should be obvious. He is promising to give us what we want. If he was really just a stooge of the establishment, I doubt he’d even be able to make those promises because in publicising them on the likes of CNN, CBC and Fox, he’s opened several large cans of worms about which, until now, the American mainstream public had been largely ignorant. In other words, just in bringing up previously verbotem issues, he’s like a demolition wrecking ball which is smashing through the carefully crafted but fragile spider’s web of cognitive dissonance that is all that supports the lies of the current administration.

Trump is leading the field because he’s leading the debate.

When he first suggested building a wall between the States and Mexico, he was called a racist. Now, the only difference on this issue between all the contenders in the debate is how high they would build the wall, and whether or not they would let any deported illegal immigrants back in again through a ‘process’.


The others have had to catch up with the public mood, because Trump is resonating with a huge potential voting demographic made up of people who are informed enough to ask the right questions:

1. We want the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission’s report published because we have good reason to believe that it will name names that will show the lie at the heart of America and Britain’s foreign policy since the World Trade Centre came down.

2. We want Hillary’s emails over Benghazi to be published because we have good reason to believe they will show that an American ambassador was deliberately murdered to hide a stinger missile deal with Al Qaeda/ISIS.

3. We want our borders to be made safe from unlimited mass migration, and the wars started in the Middle East finished, with reconstruction put in place – instead of the vacuum that currently exists which has allowed ISIS to move in, to fill the void, and thus displacing whole populations of peoples who are pouring into Europe with thousands of jihadi fighters hidden in this modern-day Trojan horse.

4. We would all like to see the end of the outright extortion of Obamacare – both Brits and Americans – because if it can be rolled out successfully there, it will be replacing our National Health Service next.

5. We would like to see most if not all of Obama’s Executive Orders put into the shredder.

6. We would like to see the Federal Reserve audited … after that, the auditors could move on to the European Commission.

So these are just a handful of actions that Trump is promising to deliver on, along with, as any Creator-type would naturally want, to ‘make America great again’. Why would Americans not want to vote for a successful, virile man’s man with a beautiful wife and family who promises all that? Somehow, the oestrogen-mimickers in the water and food did not get to Trump.


The phenonomen that is Trump can only exist because he’s entirely independent money-wise; he doesn’t need the corporate donors and so he cannot be danced around like a marionette to the tunes of Goldman Sachs – speaking of which, Ted Cruz’s wife … you might want to Google it.

And as for the other contender of the front-running trio, Marco Rubio, I can recommend this video very highly for a brilliant analysis.



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