The Rape of Europe … learning from history

Last time the invading Muslims were on the verge of over-running Europe was in 1683, when Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire sent the following message to Leopold, King of Austria:

“Primarily we order You to await Us in Your residence city of Vienna so that We can decapitate You… (…) We will exterminate You and all Your followers… (…) Children and adults will be exposed to the most atrocious tortures before put to an end in the most ignominious way imaginable…”

The barbarian was at the gates – of Vienna – and if it hadn’t for the king of Poland, Jan Sobieski, who stepped in to relieve the city at the last minute, it’s likely that Islam would have overrun all of Eastern and Central Europe. The Poles have long memories; they are refusing to take in the recent invasion of so-called ‘refugees’. But Old Mother Merkel just lays back and spreads her legs in welcome. She’s either a fool or being blackmailed, or both. (When Indonesia refused to join the ‘coalition’ bombing Syria, they very quickly received a visit from the ISIS boys.)

To be fair to the Muslims, rape and other such atrocities against women and children has been used as a military weapon probably as far back as when warfare began – if there was a beginning. And the Muslims are by no means as bad as say some of those United Nations ‘peace keepers’ – you really wouldn’t want them bringing ‘peace’ to your town. I recently watched an old Russian World War 2 veteran being interviewed, and he was nostalgically reminiscing, with a faint almost dreamy smile on his face, about how his troops would rape women to death. To him, it was just the spoils of war.

A narrow window of ‘peace’

Rape is a very effective weapon to have in your arsenal because it has never been about sex; rape is about power and the abuse of it, and in this case, a show of power. It’s also a good way for your fighting men to release tension, plus there’s the added bonus of it terrorising the women and demoralising their men. It’s also cheap, especially when you have a lot of men and not much else besides. So the fact that so many cities across Europe on this New Year’s Eve were victims of gang rapes – or Taharrush as it’s called in North Africa – should have been a very loud wake-up call to even the most stupid of our leaders, if only they knew their history.

If we zoom out a little, and look at the timeline of our relationship in the West with Islam, it’s been long and bitter story of ongoing warfare with only narrow windows of so-called ‘peace’. What we term ‘peace’ is probably just a retreat and a regrouping because whatever the media tells us, Islam is a violent and expansionist religion of war. It is not and has never been a religion of peace. Few religions are – particularly those of the Abrahamic variety.

The longest period of Muslim violent expansion was 1,061 years, from its warlike inception in 622 to that fateful battle of Vienna in 1683, when it stormed across the Middle East and destroyed its rich and diverse tapestry of religions. The white Crusades were a somewhat belated response to Islamic forces invading and conquering the Christian centres of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch (the crade of Christianity) and Jerusalem. Finally the men of Europe got off their arses … I hope it won’t be so long, this time. But there has only been a 330 years window of ‘peace’ with Islam since their defeat at the hands of the Poles in Vienna until 2013, when ISIS was formed by Saudi Arabia and armed with stinger missiles by Hillary Clinton (if you don’t believe me, read her emails. The FBI are).

Schengen – my aunt Fanny

The official figures are that one million ‘refugees’ came to claim asylum in Europe last year, which probably means that it’s at least two million. The German foreign minister recently announced that far from the rape weapon causing them to think again about the invasio… er, I mean immigration policy, there will be a further three million arriving this year. At the same time, the EU is starting to make noises about doing away with the rule decreeing that ‘refugees’ have to settle in the first country they come to. This means that each country will just send the rampaging hordes along, like pass the parcel, until the music stops at the end of the line, which is Britain.

Yes, I know we were never a part of the Schengen arrangements; however, that’s just a smoke screen. As it stands, once a ‘refugee’ has claimed asylum in their chosen European country, which will be virtually automatic, they will have Non-EU Long Term Residency status, and the only hurdle they will then face in coming to live and work in Britain is a skills test; I’m sure most jihadis could pass any skills test you cared to set them, including how to load a Kalashnikov. They will be helped by the fact that the British government is building, with the French, a smart, well equipped new ‘refugee’ centre in Calais, on top of the bulldozed ‘Jungle’.

Am I exaggerating the situation? Surely it’s just a few bad apples that are infiltrating a largely benign influx of unfortunate deserving peoples? What about that nice Syrian family that Newsnight are following? What about the babies in the snow? Well, I’m just giving you the facts of history, and the recent figures, so that you can put it all together and make up your own mind.

The latest figures show that out of the total claiming asylum last year, 13 per cent were children, 18 per cent were women, and the rest were men – largely men of fighting age. It begs the question, why are these young men not staying home to defend their country?  I think that the answer is, they are already at war – in Europe, under the guise of a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

It’s not a humanitarian crisis – it’s hijrah

Islam practises a form of warfare which is kind of soft invasion force, known as hijrah. The hijrah – meaning to move to a new and as yet unconquered land and to lie low, to wait for back up troops which will bring in Islam, is considered to be a highly meritorious act.

“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100)

This is one of those times when I wish was wrong, but I can’t help thinking that I’m right. None of our politicians are prepared to view this crisis in the context of history and thus are bowed under a false yoke of white guilt and fear of Saudi Arabia. So there is no political will to do anything about this hijrah invasion of Muslims into Europe, and unless the people wake up and start to demand some action, we can all expect to be under Sharia law within a few short years, and our women unable to walk freely in the streets anymore for fear of being gang raped.

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