ISIS threatened to flood Europe with fighters disguised as refugees

Frau Merkel and the German progaganda machine are mainly confining their belated and reluctant response to the New Year attacks on women to what took place in Cologne. However, these flash mob gropings and rapes were carried out similarly in many other cities – Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and even in Helsinki, Finland – and thus must have been coordinated and orchestrated as a weapon of war.

The jihadis will now wait to see how our men and our politicians respond before planning their next move … so far, it’s been barely more than a whisper. Merkel has conceded that she will CONSIDER making deportation of migrants easier AFTER such attacks, instead of dealing with problem at its core. I can only think she must have either lost her mind or her principles – I’m even wondering whether Germany is being blackmailed by Turkey and/or the Saudis. Her flaccid, half-hearted response will only encourage more attacks on women because this is a weapon in the jihadi arsenal which was Beta-tested by the Moslem Brotherhood – they surrounded and attacked the women in Tahrir Square when they were celebrating their briefly held victory after the so-called Arab Spring.

Last February, the anti-extremist think tank the Quilliam Foundation translated a document, Libya: The Strategic Gateway for the Islamic State, by ISIS propagandist Abu Arhim al-Libim, which encouraged fighters to infiltrate the refugees and flood into Europe to cause disruption to the sea lanes and “pandemonium” across “the Crusader states”.

refugees 2

The highly impeachable Barack Obama, who wears a Wahhabist ring and funds the Moslem Brotherhood, has compared ISIS to the Crusaders of old, which was a cynical and vicious double-tongued twist given that the Crusades were carried out in response to centuries of barbaric expansionist attacks by the Moslems in which they conquered Christian centres like Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem, and made repeated attacks on Constantinople and Rome.

As I wrote in The Moslem Invasion of Europe, the Moslems have been trying to take over Europe since the 7th century and only were last routed at the Battle of Vienna in the 17th century – now Mrs Merkel has opened the doors wide to our traditional enemy. So our leaders appear to be deliberately misleading us at to the severity of the crisis facing us. Meanwhile, no viable political party in the UK will promise to tighten our borders against these barbarians at the gate.

Even the BBC, which is continually searching around for material with which to bash Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn is studiously staying away from his avowed love of open borders – it’s obviously a sacred cow. There’s also not been a peep out of the cultural marxists, the feminists or the LGBT brigade – do they not realise that they will be the first to be thrown from high buildings? No, sadly, because they’re not capable of joined up thinking.

Donald Trump who, like him or not, has talked a lot of sense on this issue, is going to be banned from entering the UK. Meanwhile, an Islamic cleric who promotes the hitting of women ‘with a stick’ along with polygamy and sex slavery is being given carte blanche to tour our universities and teach our students the joys of Islam.

Oh yes, I almost forgot … and a Saudi Prince has just become the second largest shareholder on Twitter.