Predictions for 2016

These are my predictions for what’s going to happen next year, using the method that shamans have always employed  – and first I’ll describe what that is.

It isn’t that shamans or other such oracles can see into ‘the future’. It isn’t that Time is a linear line which we stand upon and then peer with binoculars or a telescope forward into ‘the future’ with our back to the past. Neither do shamans journey into ‘the future’ to see what’s going on there, and then come back and report. Any kind of mystic who pretends to be doing that is just someone who’s seen too many science fiction movies; the future hasn’t been written yet.

Unfortunately, though, that is the way that we’ve been taught by post-Aristolean rationalists to see the past, present and future – all of us – as a linear line. But it’s just a mental construct. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a mental construct … but this one isn’t particularly helpful. And even if it was correct, looking into ‘the future’ would mean facing forwards – but ancient natural philosophers, mystics and oracles, like Merlin for instance, were said to face the past in order to remember the future.

Remembering the future

So how does one remember the future?

Imagine if you will that you’re standing on the perimeter of a circle in infinite space; and when you look down, you see another circle below you and another below that and on and on. And when you look up, you see that you’re under another circle, and another and another and another, and so on. Because what you’re actually standing upon is not just a two-dimensional circle between other two-dimensional circles, but one three-dimensional vortex. And from your place on the three-dimensional vortex you can look down and up, and you can see the same stuff going around and around and around, ad infinitum.

You realise that you’re on a trajectory where nothing can change unless something alters the shape of the vortex. And as this vortex is formed from consciousness, the only thing that is capable of changing its structure is when something new comes in to shake things up. By that, I don’t mean ETs or aliens from outer space, or an avatar like Jesus or Mohammed arriving, because we’re dealing here with inner space. What I mean is an inner change or shift … a shift in consciousness.

The ways to achieve a shift in consciousness are many and various, and if you read this through this blog, you’ll find that kind of guidance.

But barring a shift in consciousness… here’s my prediction for the Year 2016. There will be just as much, if not more, fighting between the peoples of the Earth as there was last year and the year before that. There will be more false flags as various criminal gangs struggle for control of planet Earth and use various means of psychological subterfuge to get groups of people to carry out their violent wills. They will use us to fight against each other like proxy armies because they know they can easily do this so long as man continues to believe that how he thinks in his head is how ‘God’ thinks in ‘his head’, and that applies to members of every religion – even the atheists.

There will be planetary changes which will impact on human behaviour but at the end of the day, man has free will… and so he can only behave according to type. If, for instance, he is an Aries character with a strong Mars martial influence, one can only hope that Venus will be around his chart enough to keep him distracted and loved up… until he learns to face himself and become whole.

Spiritual rite of passage

This is the key to the problem of this spiritual evolutionary rite of passage which man is going through – and so I cannot even wish for Peace on Earth, like a Miss World candidate, to just arrive out of the blue with the turning of the page of the calendar, because then I’m wishing for a status quo in which there will be no learning, and thus no evolution.

You didn’t really have to be a shaman to come up with that … to me, it’s just commonsense. However, common sense seems to have been turned upside down, these days.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year … but as most of our so-called happiness comes at the expense of the sufferings of others, we will have redefine what happiness really means before we inflict each other with our blessings for it. Perhaps that would be a good project for ‘the future’?

Otherwise, 2016 is not going to be happy and it’s not going to be peaceful, and I’m rolling up the sleeve of my sword arm as we speak …


Reclaiming Sovereignty

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When the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the word on everyone’s lips was Sovereignty.

But what is Sovereignty?

There were some who tried to convince the British people that Sovereignty didn’t really exist, or that if it did, it was over-rated. A few self-styled experts claimed that Sovereignty could be extended or pooled; others insisted that Sovereignty was merely “the ability to get things done.”

All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

However, a few mystic types did know about Sovereignty, and so they weren’t at all surprised when its spirit rose up from the land on the Summer Solstice of 2016, and infused the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of Britain.

In this book, Reclaiming Sovereignty, you will learn all about the spiritual source of Sovereignty – and how to find it and reclaim it in your own life and on your own land.

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