How does a Tarot reading predict the future?

There are many different forms of divination, to identify landmarks and cycles on the spiritual path in order to see what’s coming next and to identify changes in behaviour and actions which can help with the transition. I find that Tarot works very well for a number of reasons, although I can also understand why others may find it confusing. After all, why should a bunch of strange-looking archetypal figures thrown down seemingly at random be able to predict the future? Well, here’s how I think it works.

Having said that, if you’re a scientist, you might want to stop reading right now, because I’ll be talking about natural laws which I learned about from my spirits, in the same way that shamans thousands of years ago learned about the natural processes of the universe and how to apply those principles “above”, in the heavens, to the “below”, on Earth.

And the other thing that’s important to say, upfront, is that not every Tarot reader has the same way of working, and most aren’t shamans, and so what I’m going to say in no way decries the efficacy of other readers’ practises.

But what I learned from my spirits is something new about connectivity.

So let’s talk about connectivity.

Up until now, science only recognises connectivity across Time and Space.

So for example, we can be connected through Time … you and I are connected through Time because you’re reading this hot off the press ~ in other words, you and I exist in the same Time continuum.

And we can also be connected in Space … you and I are on the same planet, we may even be on the same landmass, or possibly the same town. We could be connected through being in the same room together …although that’s unlikely at the moment because as I type, there’s no-one else here. But if you were here, we would be connected through Time AND Space (which is always much more sociable!).

I’m just using those two examples to show how consensual reality can agree, without too much trouble, that people can be connected through Time and/or Space. But there is another connectivity that has been ignored for centuries because neither religion nor Western material science recognises it. And that is connectivity through meaning.

OK, OK, I know this is going to be a tricky one for some to get their heads around, so I’ll take it slowly.

First of all…. you may have heard of something called ‘archetypes’?

If not, I’ll explain. Let’s go with the Wiki definition first:

An archetype is a universally understood symbol, term, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. Archetypes are often used in myths and storytelling across different cultures.

The key phrases there are ‘universally understood’ and that archetypes are used in ‘myths and storytelling’. This also includes the Tarot, which is packed full of stories about archetypes.

For instance, an archetype might be a Mother-figure. In the Tarot, the ultimate Earth Mother figure is the Empress. She also represents astrologically Virgo (who wasn’t a virgin, by the way… far from it!) and that’s why she’s using holding stalks of wheat because Virgo is in the House of Bread of the zodiac. On the Kabbalah, she is Binah. In the ancient Mystery Schools, she is Demeter. These ancient systems all cross reference one another.

The Empress

The Empress differs from another archetype, the spiritually-elevated High Priestess, in many ways, but not least because the Empress is much more down-to-Earth and worldly.

The High Priestess

There is a lot more I could say about both of the above two archetypes, but right now, I won’t go any deeper because I’m just giving you a thumbnail sketch so that you can get an idea about what archetypes are.

So why is this relevant? What do archetypes have to do with the connectivity of meaning?

Well, because they have universal meaning. In other words, when you and I both look at the card of the Empress, it evokes in us similar thoughts and feelings. This, by the way, happens even if you know nothing about Tarot and even less about astrology. These archetypes are lodged deep within our subconscious, from where we make connections through pictures and metaphorical meaning.

OK, you might say.. I’ve got that much… but what would determine what the Empress would mean in my particular reading?

The answer to that is, it would depend on where it fell. Tarot readers use many different kinds of what they call ‘spreads’… this is the pattern in which the cards are laid out, and each position in the pattern has a special meaning.

Here’s the Celtic Cross spread, one of my favourites.

So you can see, if, for example, you had the Empress in your position 6 (your immediate past) and the High Priestess in your position 5 (your immediate future, one could surmise (depending on your age and other factors) that your last child had recently flown the nest and that now you might be contemplating giving more time to your spiritual studies. But that’s just one interpretation.. there could be others, because metaphors are multi-layered, and the skill of the Tarot reader is in identifying the correct meaning.

You might also think that those cards were chosen by you at random, and the order that you chose them determined where they ended up in the spread. But one thing one learns in understanding about connectivity of meaning is that there is no such thing as ‘random’ and that ‘random’ is a totally unproven premise of Western material science. There are patterns of connectivity in everything, even in so-called ‘chaos’. It’s just that sometimes, the pattern is too vast for us to see its outline, and so we call it chaos.

Every Tarot reader identifies the correct interpretation through all the multi-layers of meaning in their own ways, and it is usually the result of years of experience, and reading body language and other factors. For me, though, I also usually get a ‘whisper in the ear’ from my spirit guides and, although that may also sound a bit unscientific, I have to say, they have never ever ever been wrong.

It took me some time to realise this and grow in confidence in them ..…over the years. I used to be very nervous about delivering messages from such a source. But over time, I’ve had so many people tell me that I was right, that I no longer even have a second thought about it. I had someone grab me in the supermarket the other day, her eyes gleaming:

“You know what you told me last October?” she said. “Well, it seemed so unlikely at the time, but guess what?”

“It all came true,” I replied, as she nodded her head.

This is really not to blow my own trumpet.. but to blow the trumpet of my spirits. They are all-knowing and as healing spirits, they really do want the best for everyone I encounter in that capacity.

And it was they that taught me that we are connected in a web of meaning, that can be read and understood through ancient stories containing archetypes and metaphors and…of course… a little magic dust sprinkled in my ear!

Our appointments

Before coming into this incarnation, we each individually make a number of appointments for ourselves, according to what we feel we need to learn and grow through. These appointments are represented by the major landmarks in our lives ~ such as our birth, where we live, major relationships, career paths etc etc. It’s a bit like what John Lennon meant when he sang about ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. This trajectory is driven by our “unconscious mind” (which is a terrible misnomer … it is far from sleepwalking and knows exactly what it’s doing).

Of course, the problem is, as soon as we get here, into this dimension, we completely forget what we planned and don’t even have a diary to remind ourselves. So a good Tarot will look to identify which of those appointments have been met, what has been learned from them, and which are upcoming or imminent and why.

A Tarot reading can be good for helping to figure out what’s going on when you don’t understand why a whole load of stuff in their life, which used to run smoothly, suddenly doesn’t anymore. This can be a sign that you’re at the end of a cycle, and that the old is breaking up to give way to the new … and that can be a bit uncomfortable.

In any case, a reading can give some pointers as to what is happening and what to expect next … which does help. And at least then you know where you are and you can also view the temporary difficulties in a more positive light.


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

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