Agenda 21: A blueprint for global serfdom and slavery

The Ramayana is an ancient and even today, extremely popular myth of the Indian people which contains great tales of derring-do by its heroes the sun god, Rama, and the monkey god, Hanuman. Like all myths, its stories are metaphors for deeper philosophical teachings, but it is the battle scene between the sun god Rama and the evil serpent Ravana that I want to highlight here.

During the first few hours of pitched battle, Rama is losing badly. This is because Ravana has more than a thousand heads, and every time one of Rama’s arrows slices off one of Ravana’s heads, another grows in its place. Rama is becoming exhausted and in danger of losing the battle. But eventually,  he is given wise counsel by a shaman. The shaman tells Rama that he has to hit Ravana in his ‘nectar pot’, which is just below the navel. So when Rama fires his arrow in that direction, and it hits Ravana’s nectar pot, the thousand-headed serpent falls instantly dead to the ground.

In this metaphor, the thousand-headed serpent Ravana represents the United Nations programme, Agenda 21. The heads that keep growing back again are all the different planks of the implementation of this program ~ and they include geoengineering (chemtrails), HAARP, genetically modified foods, the man-made global warming scam, biological terrorism, atmospheric terrorism and  financial terrorism.

All of these programs solely exist as various planks to support Agenda 21 and so it’s a complete waste of time arguing with each of them, individually. In any case, the UN will have an unending supply of talking heads to role out and tie up the real scientists with their mock science and ridiculous computer models. Similarly they will feel totally justified in continuing to try to convince ordinary people that geo-engineering (chemtrails) is needed to protect us from global warming (while pretending that they’re only seeking permission to spray and not actually doing so) and that genetically modified foods are needed to feed the  “population explosion” when they have patently never given a toss about the world’s starving millions before, otherwise why inflict on them such restrictive trade barriers and march into their countries and strip them of all their assets?

Added to that, even the UN’s own conservative demographic models show that the world’s population will level off by 2050 (which means, it will probably level off way before that).

The sole purpose of Agenda 21 is to remove our property rights and to drive us back into a feudal system, which is a euphemism for slavery. Under Agenda 21, all the land would be owned by the United Nations and administered by its own appointed committees.

The official report of the UN-funded Commission on Global Governance, Our Global Neighborhood, calls for placing “the global commons” under the direct authority of the UN Trusteeship Council, and defines “global commons” to be:

“The atmosphere, outer space, the oceans beyond national jurisdiction and the related environment and life-support systems that contribute to the support of human life.”

Moreover, the UN Trusteeship Council is to be selected from “civil society” representatives. The Commission on Global Governance also calls for the creation of a new “Petitions Council” which would receive petitions from “Stakeholder Councils” in each nation for the purpose of directing the petitions to the correct UN agency for resolution and enforcement actions.

Read more in The UN and Property Rights, © Copyright 1997 Henry Lamb

These ‘Stakeholder Councils”, by the way, are unelected NGOs, appointed by UN bodies, and they already exist in our local neighbourhoods. Our Global Neighbourhood is the usual oxymoronic twisted doublespeak that comes out of these committees and is propagated throughout the mainstream media by further unelected ‘opinion formers and leaders’ such as Common Purpose.

Recently, Agenda 21 was broken up and repackaged into three new organisations: America 2050, Forum for the Future, and the Rewilding Project. This rebranding also allows through another older concept that has been in the works for a long time: The North American Union, where all 50 states will be merged into mega regions in which people will be rationed food, water and energy.

Even the Occupy movement is just another head of Ravana. In fact, the Occupy movement is aptly named because it keeps the masses occupied in attacking yet another talking head, thus causing them to be distracted from what really is the problem: Agenda 21.

The wrong-headed concept of Agenda 21 is born from the idea that the Earth needs to be protected from its enemy, and that enemy is man himself. Those that crafted Agenda 21 have already set in motion plans to protect themselves from the enemy (us) in case we give them any trouble as they begin to implement it. That’s why in the US already, anyone can be locked up in indefinite detention in a FEMA camp, and why there will soon be hundreds of armed spy drone planes patrolling the skies.

All of this ~ along with the chemtrails, genetically modified food and vaccine programmes ~ is there to support the implementation of Agenda 21 which cannot be stopped, unless the United Nations is stopped.

But surely, some will say, the United Nations is sacrosanct … it is our only chance for peace on Earth, this federation of nation states that we brought together after the League of Nations failed. It’s true, we were told that with the United Nations, we will never have to face a war like World War 2 again.

However, have  a look at this map of US wars and CIA “interventions” since World War 2.

It doesn’t even include, according to my friend, Tim Lohrentz, Mozambique, Namibia, and Honduras. But still, this map gives the lie to the urban myth that the world is a more peaceful place since the establishment of the United Nations. This could hardly be possible, anyway, when the controlling voice on its Security Council is the world’s most dangerous terrorist, the United States of America, who, along with its lapdog, the United Kingdom, is sabre rattling for World War 3 in the Middle East even as we speak.

So at the very least, we can clearly see that the United Nations has failed as a peacekeeping body. I can’t even begin to list here the harm to the world that the United Nations has done in other respects, from its subsidiaries like the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation.

So in my opinion,  if we really want an end to chemtrails, genetically-modified foods, financial terrorism, biological terrorism, atmospheric terrorism, carbon taxes, false flag events and wars, we need to withdraw our support from efforts engaged in destroying the thousands of talking heads and, instead, concentrate our arrows of dissent on the belly of the Beast, the nectar pot, aka Agenda 21 and the United Nations.

In my opinion, nothing short of the collapse of the United Nations will make the slightest difference to all of the above problems we face. Hopefully, now that various huge financial scams are coming to light, some involving the head of the UN, and the public wakes up to the reality that the world is being run by ‘financial terrorists’ who have no respect for law and order nor human life, they will eventually realise that the architecture of world governance which has held sway since the end of World War 2 will have to be changed.

We can only hope for that.. and that those that replace them will have more altruistic aims or at least, that their aims won’t include wanting to kill or control most of the human beings on the planet. At the very least, we should get a ‘honeymoon period’.

That’s my two cents, anyway.


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