The use of neurolinguistic programming by our politicians to manipulate our consent

I’ve finally solved the Zen conundrum of “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” And I owe this revelation to my increasing understanding about what is happening in the financial markets of the world and why. The trouble is when you play with funny money, it can suddenly and without warning, turn serious… and if I’d paid more attention in my history lessons, I would have known this.

In the so-called developed nations like those in the Europe and the US, we have been playing with funny money (known as ‘fiat currency’) for some time. Fiat currency has a notional value… in other words, its value is what people decide that it is. In contradistinction, many other nations still have currencies which are backed with gold, and so they’re not so keen to take our funny money or to back it as an investment.

Fiat money is just really numbers on a computer screen which is why Ireland has decided not pay us back, and Iceland is headed in a similar direction.

So this paralyis in the state of our markets is partly being caused by the fact that our currency is becoming more worthless by the day. But that’s only part of the story. It takes two hands to make the sound of one hand clapping. There is a further factor to global financial Armegeddon that we have to bear in mind, and when you understand this, a lot starts to make sense ~ such as why the European Central Bank has been reluctant to declare itself as lender of last resort. It’s nothing to do with the Germans’ memories about inflation, although that hasn’t helped.

As I read in last week’s helpful Archdruid Report:

“Nobody is willing to do the one thing that will fix the problem—that is, admit that debts that can’t be paid will, in fact, not be paid and allow the banks that unwisely lent money to deadbeat nations to go under, as capitalist economic theory says they should. I wish more people remembered what happened the last time European governments put allegiance to a global financial regime ahead of the needs of their own people; that was in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, for those who need a reminder.”

But actually, if the Archdruid looks back much further than 1929, he will see that this habit of countries to put the needs of a global financial regime ahead of the needs of their own people has been going on much longer than we may think, and it was the cause of the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

French Revolution by Delacroix

We saw a glaring example of this deliberate policy only recently when Chancellor George Osbourne oversaw the printing of £75 billion (known as ‘quantative easing’) and then handed the whole wadge over to prop up the banks of Mr Rothschild and Mr Morgan and Mr Warburg, rather than putting it into the economy to service growth.

So why do our leaders not learn from history? Well, the truth is, they do. It’s us that don’t.

You only have to look at the current Occupy Wall Street movement to realise the hidden hand in all revolutions. In this case, it’s the ‘financial alchemist’ George Soros, currently worth US $22 billion who is backing the OWS ‘revolution’. Soros is known as “the Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of the US$1 billion in profits he made from the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. I wonder how he knew?

Ask any OWS spokesman what their demands are, and the answer is a passively delivered series of mushy platitudes tinged with socialist opium dreams and totally unachievable aims … and that‘s the point.

A “Principles of Solidarity” statement accepted by the protest’s general assembly on Sept. 23 – six days after protesters set up camp near Wall Street — promised that “demands will follow.”

Just over a week later, the demands working group – one of more than 80 groups formed to tackle topics like alternative currencies, political and electoral reform, trade justice and tactics – began trying to come up with some specific aims.

From the beginning, coming up with demands capable of winning the support of a vast majority of the protesters proved problematic. Minutes of the group’s meetings over the past month and a half chronicle the discord that the effort has generated. From MSN News

The truth is, it’s not the ordinary people who cause revolutions… they are ‘led from behind’, as we saw from the travels of Hillary Clinton earlier in the year, through the Middle East and north Africa, ahead of the so-called Arab Spring.

I was quite amused when watching the storming of Gadaffi’s stronghold in Tripoli on the BBC News to hear an Evening Standard reporter, who obviously hadn’t been briefed, saying how the British SAS and Qatar special forces had led the raid. The interview with him was quickly terminated and no mention of it was ever made again.

Revolution is a deliberate mechanism which has been operated by the global elite for hundreds of years… and possibly longer … and they always use the same M.O.

1. Flood the economy of a country with credit
2. Gradually begin to hike up the interest rates
3. This creates bankruptcy, of people and governments, which
4. Goes on to create turmoil and chaos, so that in the end
5. The people rise up to demand a new world order and this allows…
6. The guys holding the purse strings to step out of the shadows with their ‘safe pair of hands’.

This is the sound of one hand clapping…. because no hand acts in isolation of the other, although they try to dupe us otherwise, in this case, by leading us to believe that we are to blame for a state of economic collapse. But as you can see from the above list, it has been deliberately engineered… partly by the policy of lending to people who could never pay back, otherwise known as the ‘sub-prime mortgages scandal’. That was Step 1A.

But Step 1B is what’s making the economies of whole countries spin out of control and this has been achieved by the deliberate policy of lending to whole governments. Then by hiking up the interest rates, governments and the countries they govern are brought to their knees, so that the money lenders can move their own men into positions of power. That’s why Goldman Sachs people are now in key positions in the White House, and why unelected Eurobank technocrat placemen have just been moved into position in countries like Greece (the cradle of democracy) and Italy. In Greece, Papandreou bravely tried to call a referendum, to help his people get themselves out of this stranglehold. But he was quickly and very heavily leant on. These countries were set up to fail, in other words, and it will be our turn next for an unelected placeman to replace David Cameron et al… unless he dances to the piper’s tune.

Recently, this MO has been supported by using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) language in the media to control and manipulate our thoughts. For those who have the ears to hear, David Cameron revealed a hidden agenda in his speech to bankers at the Lord Mayor’s banquet, last week, and which ended up being the main soundbite on news channels.

“We have to get a grip on growth.”

What’s wrong with that innocent-sounding phrase, you might ask? Well, first of all, I need to explain a little about what NLP is and how it works.

NLP is an alternative form of psychotherapy which is based on language and communication and which has the aim of supporting self and personal change. It was originally developed by a linguist, John Grindler, and a mathematician, Richard Bandler, in the 1970s, when they aimed to determine patterns between behaviour and communication. Their work was based on that of three successful and popular psychotherapists – Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton H. Erickson.

Knowing that our bodies listen to our thoughts, and that many illnesses have been attributed to how we think, the over-riding idea with NLP is to reprogramme how we think with techniques which include terms known as anchoring, reframing, rapport and Swish and may also involve forms of hypnosis.

This makes it a very useful therapy for life coaches and for business development. It is also quite commonly used to treat addictions and phobias and for personal development, for relationships and to enhance sports performance.

However, politicians and other opinion formers are also using ‘reframing’ and ‘anchoring’ to change our thinking with NLP techniques and here’s how they work.

Reframing means creating a new way to look at an old idea, for example, in the use of the word ‘credit’. What previous generations called ‘debt’ and therefore ‘a bad thing’, we were taught to call ‘credit’ which had more positive associations (after all, which of us does not want to gain credit?) Therefore, we were more able and willing to accrue ‘credit’, now that it was no longer that nasty old debt.

Anchoring is a technique where an association is created between two separate elements where none existed before. Anchors are subtle and powerful, especially when they are attached to a strong emotion. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the anchor. People subconsciously form some type of anchor in everyday life. For instance, you may hear a favourite old song playing on the radio. As you listen to it, your mind is transported back to the very first time you heard it and what it meant to you then. David Cameron’s favourite anchor word seems to be ‘grip’.

We first started hearing David Cameron’s use of his new ‘grip’ anchor word in the televised pre-election debates last year. Mr Cameron stood on the podium then with Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg, and used the word ‘grip’ several times in describing how would approach the ‘credit crisis’, given the chance. But he used the word ‘grip’ in an unusual context. He said: “We must grip it,” rather than ‘get a grip on it”.

However, the word ‘grip’ went down well because it gave the impression of someone who was going to grab hold of a problem which seemed to be running away with us like so much quicksilver, and solve it.

So the word ‘grip’ was duly introduced to support all manner of barely supportable cuts… and thus when he trotted out his ‘grip’ word at the Lord Mayor’s banquet ~ “We have to get a grip on growth” ~ anyone who may have been on the verge of panicking about the seismic tremors emanating from Brussels could instantly feel reassured by the nice, familiar word ‘grip’.

But, in this case, is ‘grip’ the most appropriate word? One would think that ‘encouraging growth’ or ‘supporting growth’ or even ‘fertilising growth’ would work better than ‘gripping growth’. If one grips growth, one is strangling growth, one is stifling growth. One could even be intending paralysis of growth.

So either Mr Cameron needs to go back to NLP school, or he has a different agenda to the one he claims. I think the latter, and that he and his soul are in hock to those who really pull the strings and by association, so are we.

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

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In Part I, Ishtar lays the foundation stone for this teaching by showing the ancient artwork, iconography and orally transmitted lore underlying these sacred shamanic sex practices, which seem to have fallen out of favour after the destruction of the Mystery Groves and the Library of Alexandria.

Ishtar uses erotic poetry and engravings from ancient Egypt, Crete, India, Sumer and Babylon to show that sacred sex was part of the Kingship rites, and that the spirits were present in the lovemaking. She also finds evidence for the practice of the Faery Marriage, and what she believes is the original meaning of the Holy Grael which can be traced back to Neanderthals about 45,000 years ago.

Ishtar unravels ancient myths to show that they are really “Trojan horses” of sacred dramas which carry the secret keys of this ancient sex magic teaching. She is also the first to discover the allegorical sub-strata containing the keys to shamanic sex magic in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, based on alchemy and the Alchemical Marriage. She gives the same treatment to the story of the Woman at the Well in the Gospel of John.

Ishtar also describes how Babylon has been deliberately demonised by who we now call the Zionists and their proxy armies who have, for millennia, been trying to turn it into a pile of rubble. This is because of the power of the sacred geometry created by the Ishtar Gate and the Tower of Babylon, she says, which created the conditions for a portal, or a ‘Stargate’, into other dimensions.

In Part II of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, Ishtar shows the metaphysical anatomy of the human being, and then reveals the secret techniques of shamanic sex magic, so that people can try them for themselves.

Although this may seem like quite a complex subject, her past experience as a national newspaper journalist in the UK – Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Mail on Sunday – has given Ishtar the ability to explain some quite dense material in simple everyday language to produce an engaging, page-turner of a book. She also writes with great humour!

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