Did Ancient Egyptians Find Uranium in Grand Canyon?

I just heard that the US administration must shortly decide whether to grant uranium mining rights on sacred sites, the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. It reminded me of a story from a local gazette in the early 1900s about artifacts being found which showed that the ancient Egyptians were mining uranium there thousands of years before the ‘white man’ discovered it.

Here’s the old newspaper story.

There’s a lot to read and get your head round. So for those who’d just like the relevant highlights, what it does show is that lotus-worshipping, shrine-building miners with Oriental facial features were living, thousands of years ago, in an immense octagonal-shaped chamber deep under the Grand Canyon, and they must have been there for a long time because they’d mummified their dead.

Mysteries of Immense Rich Cavern Being Brought to Light
Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient People Migrated From Orient

Nearly a mile underground, about 1480 feet below the surface, the long main passage has been delved into, to find another mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, like the spokes of a wheel.

Several hundred rooms have been discovered, reached by passageways running from the main passage, one of them having been explored for 854 feet and another 634 feet.

The recent finds include articles which have never been known as native to this country and doubtless they had their origin in the Orient. War weapons, copper instruments sharp edged and hard as steel, indicate the high state of civilization reached by these strange people.

The Shrine

“Over a hundred feet from the entrance is a cross-hall, several hundred feet long, in which was found the idol, or image, of the peoples god, sitting cross-legged, with a Lotus flower or Lily in each hand. The cast of the face is Oriental, and the carving shows a skillful hand, and the entire is remarkably well preserved, as is everything in this cavern. The idol most resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents. Taking into consideration everything found thus far, it is possible that the worship most resembles the ancient people of Thibet. Surrounding this idol are smaller images, some beautiful in form, other crooked necked and distorted shapes, symbolical, probably, of good and evil. There are two large cacti with protruding arms, one on each side of the dais on which the god squats. All this is carved out of hard rock resembling marble.

So how do we know that they were mining uranium or at least some kind of metal?

“A grey metal is also found in this cavern which puzzles the scientists, for its identity has not been established. It resembles platinum.”

Uranium was only discovered a couple of years after the publication of this story, but enough must have been known about it because, soon after, the story was hushed up and Mr Kincaid, who made the discovery, was never heard from again. The Smithsonian then effectively buried the story, and took control of the area, blocking up the cave mouths and then stopping anyone else from discovering them by refusing to grant permission to climbers to explore around the many locations in the Grand Canyon which are, oddly, named after Egyptian deities.

The Monument

With a shaman’s eye and given what we know about how our ancestors saw the divine in natural formations, it is inconceivable that the most ancient Americans, who ever they were, would not have seen the Grand Canyon as an enormous sacred area made up of many temples and monuments. And any ancient Egyptians would have noticed that they were natural pyramids, making them doubly sacred in their eyes.

Tower of Set

Horn Creek, Isis Temple and Cheops Pyramid

For instance, Mount Rushmore, which is also now under threat from uranium mining development, was originally called the Six Grandfathers by the indigenous Lakota Sioux. It was part of their processional route during their annual pilgrimage to their sacred site of Harney Peak. I expect that the faces of the Six Grandfathers were already present in the natural formation and were enhanced and changed into the former US presidents. It might be a good idea to remember this when we’re criticising the Afghan Taliban for smashing up rock-hewn Buddhas.

So if the ancient Egyptians were in the Grand Canyon about four thousand years ago, how did they get there? Well, it most probably was a Phoenician boat which brought them there, because the ancient Egyptians tended to use them as their navy. In fact, the boat may have been very much like this one found by the inestimable Gloria Farley. It is carved on a rock and shows the Phoenician/Cathaginian goddess blessing a Mediterranean-style boat of the period. The only trouble is ~ this petroglyph of a boat was not found in Italy or Tunisia, but in North America.

Many of Gloria Farley’s extraordinarily exotic epigraphical finds in North America, which she records in her book In Plain Sight, were Phoenician/Carthaginian and Egyptian. However, because she was associated with Barry Fell who is said to have falsified data, these were deemed to have been debunked. But notwithstanding that, there are one or two of these finds which are obviously Old World epigraphy ~ they cannot be anything else ~ and it is only untrained eyes employing their dratted Occam’s Razor that decide otherwise.

A short digression on Occam’s Razor
My view is that Occam’s razor is not the Delphic Oracle, and the assertion that when all else is equal, the simplest solution is probably the correct one, is not scientific. Nature uses many solutions from the simplest to the most complex. For instance, no molecular biologist would describe the single cell as ‘simple’. Some have described it as more complex than a galaxy.

As the late great archaeologist George Smith wrote of Farley’s work:

“Library research has been of enormous importance to Gloria. It has allowed her to recognize such Old World figures as Sheela-na-gig, the goddess of birth who has a long history in Europe. This figure had gone unrecognized by those who called the rock carvings Gloria works with “American Indian rock art.” The same goes for Epona, the horse goddess, and Anubis, the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the dead. These things had been seen, but not comprehended by most rock art specialists, for the eye can really see only what it is prepared to see.

“Without a background in Old World forms, a drawing of a woman on horseback is simply a post-contact figure. It takes an informed eye to see an Old World goddess. This was again shown in Gloria’s discovery of the figure of the Carthaginian goddess Tanit. In all of this Gloria has far exceeded most professionals in petroglyph studies, for most of them are woefully uninformed in Old World cultural studies pertinent to American rock art. Actually the case is much worse, for the majority of rock art specialists have maintained a firmly closed mind to such comparisons as are richly presented in this volume.

“One can look at huge books that survey the rock art of the Americas without finding any of the alphabetic inscriptions or Old World figures, or even the ships that Gloria finds, records, and publishes. The professional is blinded by that which is known as the “Anthropological Monroe Doctrine.” This states that there was no meaningful Old World, pre-Columbian influences in the New World. So when solid evidence is presented about ships, or horses, or deities, or readable inscriptions, an Americanist, whether anthropologist, ethnologist, or historian, will generally conclude that the material is meaningless, fraudulent, or post contact.”

I think old George has seen off Occam’s Razor!

Carl Munck has developed a planetary grid system which shows how, geometrically, the Great Pyramid was linked to the Grand Canyon. But again, Occam’s Razor is useless when it is wielded by those who are in complete ignorance of our ancestors’ navigational capabilities.

It is known that tens of thousands of years ago, our ancestors navigated by the stars and the moon, they had knowledge of the currents and, if wodr is reading this, I’m sure he’ll confirm (because it was he that told me) that they would have used, for a compass, a needle magnetized by a lodestone floating in a bowl of water, and also a type of astrolabe or sextant.

So possibly the ancient Egyptians did stake the first claim on these uranium mines in America, but please don’t tell Zahi Hawass. You know what he’s like. And we’ll never hear the end of it!

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  1. big dan

    I was hiking in the back country, utah side of the canyon, in the vermillion cliffs area. I found a four sided pyramid. Flat faces. The only things that are flat out there naturally are cliff faces and mesas. There are some formations resembling conical pyramids, but a four sided pyramid does not occour naturally.


  2. ken sachs

    Oh well….
    On to the next molehill.

    Anyone want to interpret the hieroglyphics just found by the robot in the hidden passages of the great Pyramid?

    I think the early thoughts are of the opinion that the hidden passages are meant to be a map to the caves with a big diamond in them that are under the pyramid.
    There seems to warning that it is guarded by some kind of reptiles.
    But maybe they just mean Nile Crocodiles.


  3. wódr̥

    Well, there’s this version:


    But, as usual, many people have wasted an enormous amount of time howling at the Conspiracy Moon.

    I know the Truth of the Matter (don’t even ask me how I got Inside).

    The article is actually the only published fragment of the last, unknown volume of Mark Twain’s master trilogy, composed of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, and

    (by the way, this is the first time this knowledge has ever seen the light of day)

    “The Adventures of Amenhotep Jones”, being the continuing story of the N*gger Jim, in which he discovers his true Egyptian ancestry and homeland in a huge canyon carved by the American Nile, now called the Colorado River.

    I have perused the smudged and ink blotted pages of the original volume myself.

    Must go into deep hiding now: THEY ARE AFTER ME.



  4. wódr̥


    Mr. Powell and the Mormons:


    Mr. Powell and Native Americans:


    The “forbidden zones” as explained in excruciating detail by the National Park Service (no mysteries here):


    And last but not least the June 30, 1956 collision of United Airlines Flight 718 and TWA Flight 2 (at 21,000 feet, by the way):


    I must admit that the scope of this devilish conspiracy, as evidenced by the seemingly disparate dissertations above, is far greater than I ever imagined…………….



  5. ken sachs

    Well, I won’t get into the good and bad points of Mr. Powell.
    Just that he was strongly, for whatever reason, anti-Mormon and would not allow the thought of any pre-Indian people in North America because that would give some credence to the Book of Mormon story.
    He set back NA archeology at least 100 years, 4 generations, because of withholding funds from any scholar that published otherwise.
    (BTW, I am not Mormon. I have some real issues with them. But I do think there was a pretty good population of decently advanced inhabitants in NA before the arrival of what the Europeans called Indians.)

    As far as the no fly none.
    It far pre dates the “quiet zone” concept.
    In the mid to late 1950s there was a mid-air crash of 2 airliners over the canyon.
    In those pre-Air Traffic Control days pilots could, and often did, take small, low altitude detours to give the passengers a view of sites along the way.
    That crash resulted in a minimum altitude rule over the canyon.

    But the “no exploring” rule goes all the way back to the US taking control of the Canyon.
    “No walking, no riding, just no entry.”
    But it is interesting to get an official US topographical map of the Canyon and note the locations and names of some of the places in the “forbidden zone.”

    So, did the Egyptians get as far west as the Grand Canyon?
    I do think they got pretty far up the Arkansas River.
    And who knows how much farther?

    As you approach them from the east the Rockies present the face of a real impressive barrier.
    But if you had religion on your side, and had already come 1/3 of the way around the globe, would you let a few hills stop you?

    I doubt I will ever get an answer I can believe.


  6. wódr̥

    Mr. Powell, ‘ol one-arm, was actually a pretty remarkable guy, well ahead of his time, and, if you read accounts of his life, was known for not playing to the crowd, particularly on his views regarding native americans, land and water development, etc. His was appointed as the first Director of the USGS (Newnited States Geological Survey) prior, I believe, to his sinecure at the Smithsonian. An anti-Hawass if there ever was one, to make a modern comparison to a particularly well known Egypt huckster……………

    As for the no-fly zone:

    “FAA to Limit Air Tours Over Grand Canyon
    California and the West
    Environment: New rules are designed to curb noise at the popular site. They include increasing ‘no-fly’ zone to 75% of the national park.
    The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday announced new rules aimed at reducing noise caused by air tours of the Grand Canyon, part of a decades-long effort to return the national park to its state of “natural quiet.”

    The wide-ranging regulations for the first time limit the number of annual flights allowed and significantly modify the routes that small planes and helicopters may take over the canyon. The park’s “no-fly zone” would be increased to include 75% of the parkland, compared with the current 45%, and would cover parts of the Hualapai and Havasupai Indian reservations.”

    That is where THAT started.

    I did a fair bit of hiking in the Grand Canyon at the tag end of the 50’s/early 60’s, when there ‘twarnt hardly a soul to be seen. Phantom Ranch when the travelers to the bottom of the canyon all slept together on iron bedsprings in the bunkroom, and “dined” together on the stew du jour at rough plank tables. Then there was the night – and I am not yarning you here – that an earnest employee of the U.S Census Bureau with his brown shoes, briefcase and forms arrived by muleback to record the population at the bottom of the canyon, and just what information merrily gilded those forms…… a different world, then, and the silence wrapped you like the arms of your own true mother.

    But I digress.

    I’d like to take this whole discussion a little further back – say to 15/20k years ago (minimum) when, yes, Ainu from the West and Mediterranean Sea Peoples from the East likely found and occupied the respective coasts of the Americas, then began a long series of migrations which are epitomized in the Hopi muthos (read The Way of the Hopi, by Frank Waters and Oswald White Bear).

    My point? As a culture, we are in abject denial of a global culture far older and richer than we are allowed to imagine by the the latterday priesthood of Science and the Church of the Holy Materialism.

    In short, many aspects of the “new” age are a patchwork of tattered remnants of the ancient aegis of the spiritual. Unfortunately, the new age movement has more than its share of hucksters also, so one is left to dig very deep to rediscover the spiritual arteries of the World Above, the Middle Earth, and the World Below which, truly, sustain us all, gracefully and silently.

    “Knowing we need do nothing
    Is where we begin.”



  7. ken sachs

    Well, there is certainly a lot of uranium in the Colorado plateau.
    Something I didn’t know.
    Interestingly, it also seem to be concentrated right around a different kind of “hot spot” named Las Vegas.

    But the Colorado River empties into the Gulf of California.
    The mouth is cut off from the Pacific by the Baja.
    Today, due to diversions, it is a mere trickle at the mouth that you can walk across without getting your ankles wet.
    But in a pre-dam world it would have been a true torrent.
    Virtually impossible to go upstream against.

    I don’t know anything about the source of the uranium in the Kuroshio current.
    Has anyone ever gone upstream to try and find the source?

    If it is the Colorado it took a long route to get there.
    They are on opposite sides of the Pacific.
    The North Pacific circular current would take it down to the Equator for a westward trip before swinging north as the Kuroshio.
    Is there uranium in the sediment of the Gulf of California and along the west coast of Mexico?
    Again, I don’t know.

    Isn’t uranium one of, if not the most, heavy of all minerals?
    I cannot see it staying suspended in water for that long a trip.

    If we ever do verify an Egyptian presence in the Grand Canyon I would vote for their coming from the east.
    (I wonder if anyone has ever taken a Geiger counter to the rock art sites that are along the Arkansas River.)

    Did the Ainu have a need for uranium in their culture?
    I know some think the Egyptians did.

    But then, the sources for that pesky newspaper article may not have known the difference between Egyptian and Asian temples and statuary. Because of the popularity of things Egyptian at the time they may have mistakenly jumped to a false conclusion.

    This is one of those things that can really suck you in. The more you learn the more you don’t know.

    And why won’t the US government allow someone to go and check out the source of all the rumors? They will not even allow any fly overs. Are they trying to hide something?

    A great conspiracy subject.


  8. ken sachs

    Now, shift to a more modern time.
    And please bear with me here.
    I am going to get into geology and topography.

    Gloria Farley, and others, have found some pretty hard to dispute evidence of Egyptian influence in the southern North America Great Plaines.
    Most of Gloria Farley’s work was done in the US state of Oklahoma. That makes sense, that is where she was brought up and lived most of her life.

    Now , most of the state of Oklahoma is in the watershed of the Arkansas River.
    This river is a under appreciated tributary of the Mississippi.
    (Most US history focuses on the Missouri River since that is where Jefferson sent the Louis and Clark expedition.)
    But the Arkansas River goes all the way up into the southwest of what in now the state of Colorado

    That brings it to the eastern base of what we generically call the “Rocky Mountains.”
    (The Rocky Mountains are really just one of many mountain ranges that make up this part if North America.)

    The very upper 120 miles of the Arkansas , to its eventual head waters, is as a very shallow and fast mountain stream.
    But when it comes out of the mountains it becomes a wide and somewhat slow prairie river.
    And stays such all the way to the Mississippi.
    It would be easily navigational to that point at the base of the mountains.

    What is important about this from a geological point of view is that means the Arkansas River comes very close to the very southeast edge of what is called the Colorado Plateau.
    The Colorado Plateau is the central highlands that forms the true “continental divide” of North America.
    Some may think of it as the “Navel of North America.”
    The major rivers on the continent radiate from it.
    From this high spot the Colorado River flows south and west to Baja California and the Pacific.
    But the Arkansas flows east and south to the Mississippi and thus to the Gulf of Mexico.

    From this plateau, through which the Grand Canyon is cut, there is a somewhat “low lands” path around the south end of the worst of the Rockies going to the east.

    The path would pretty much follow the current boundary line between the states of AZ and NM to the south and CO and UT to the north. I am not saying it would be an easy walk. But you can avoid the very high mountain passes to the north that became legendary killers. There was a reason the surveyors laid down those lines

    I cannot say that I have any kind of proof, in any kind of terms, but I can say that I can see the possibly of Egyptian explores, guided by whatever means, finding their way upstream the Arkansas, through the eastern edge of the mountains, and onto the Colorado Plateau. From there it is pretty hard to miss the Grand Canyon.

    So, if I were sent from Egypt to go halfway around the Earth to find some yellow dirt, and I had all the resources of Egyptian knowledge to draw on, this the route I would take.

    Even though the Colorado River goes right through the Colorado Plateau, it is not a boat friendly river. It is rapids and water falls all the way. And it ends up on the wrong side of the globe.

    The walk through the mountains, although difficult, to get to the easier flowing rivers, on the “right” side of the globe would be worth it.


  9. ken sachs

    As much as I love a good conspiracy theory I don’t know about the idea of a “cover up”
    as far as Egyptian stuff in the grand Canyon.

    Most of the current place names in the Grand Canyon can be traced to John Wesley Powell’s “exploration” of the Colorado River. Powell went down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon in 1869.
    This was at the peak of a worldwide Egyptian fad.

    The U S was full of very rich families, who didn’t know what to do with all their money. Egyptian style tombstones in NYC in the late 1800’s became very popular.




    And it wasn’t just in the U S.
    There was an movement of Egyptian Revival architecture world wide




    So Powell, on his trip through the Canyon, was just playing to the crowd.
    A rich crowd.
    It paid off.
    He got a life time job as the head of the newly founded Smithsonian Institution.

    Now for a bit of a counter point, please go to my next post.


  10. wódr̥

    And one last fractal………..

    If you lick a piece of soft iron, you

    Will find that the taste of iron is uncannily

    Similar to the taste of your blood

    When you lick a cut.

    This is not accidental.



  11. wódr̥

    But the above wasn’t my original purpose this evening.

    The lodestone – Magnetite – of navigational fame is a marriage of Wüstite and Hematite. Hematite, of course, is the red ochre found globally in association with the elder ones just as far back as you wish to go. All are fractals of iron, the blood of our earth/mother.

    Furthermore, there is reason to believe that lodestone is the child created when lightning (literally) strikes red ochre.

    I’ll leave you to parse the spiritual connectivities here



  12. wódr̥

    ‘Taint news, all, there is a swath of the usual rapine history here…….

    Read, read, read allaboudit……


    The ranchers I knew back then often had a geiger counter mounted on the dash of their pickup truck – finding an especially “hot” area meant you could cash in by selling the mineral rights of a bunch of useless dirt. New dress for the missus, maybe a new truck for me. Lots of gypsy prospectors also, looking to cash in.

    And the beat goes on, yes, today.



  13. ken sachs

    Those are either local, small town news sites or a one cause type group..
    There has been absolutely no national coverage of this purposed mining.

    Just another case the editing of our major news organizations.
    The national news is very New York City or Washington DC centric.
    Something happening in the super boonies of the West just isn’t news.

    It does kind of support the idea of uranium in the Grand Canyon though.


  14. ken sachs

    The comments on this one will be fun to watch!

    I don’t know where I come down on this.

    I haven’t heard of any plans for mining at either site.
    Can you cite some resources?

    But the refusal to allow hiking or exploration in some areas of the GC has always been a conspiracy jumping off point.
    The obvious questions pop up………
    “What are they hiding?
    What are they afraid of people knowing?”


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