Why I’m not celebrating over Bin Laden’s murder

So is it just me that got a cold chill down the spine when I heard about Americans celebrating over the cold blooded murder of an unarmed man, in front of his wife, and his body being tipped unceremoniously into the sea, with not even the merest suggestion of a court trial to determine his guilt, and all to get an unpopular president in with a better chance of re-election?

This murder will not stop Al Qaeda, the design of which is purpose- built to survive the death of any one person. Instead, Barack Obama and his people have made Osama Bin Laden a ‘martyr’, and there will be many many angry young men out now to avenge his ‘martyrdom’.

There is such a thing as the Geneva Convention ~ and this is not about whether or not Bin Laden himself would have honoured the Geneva Convention. This is not about who he is or was. It is about who we are. Every man is entitled to the rule of the law and a fair trial ~ otherwise we will quickly descend to the barbaric. Today they’re topping Bin Laden, but tomorrow, it could be you or me.

Breathed new life into Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda were on the back foot anyway. The Arab Uprising owes little to them, and its success would have rendered their cause virtually redundant. Now, in one fell swoop, Obama has breathed new life into Al-Qaeda by making a ‘martyr’ of their leader, and all to get himself re-elected.

If they were serious about world peace, all they needed to do was arrest Bin Laden, and bundle him off to the Hague where they would have been able to easily nail him, fair and square, with the evidence of his computer hard drive.

And no, the death of Bin Laden won’t mean that the Americans will be coming out of Afghanistan any time soon, because they have to help shore up the regime of one of the most corrupt leaders on the world stage today from the threat of the Taliban in order to protect their oil interests.

So well done America, the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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